The Evolution of Doughnuts: From Beet, Jalapeno and Black Pepper Flavors to Oddly Shaped Doughnut Cones

Mar 16, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol

Gone were the days when people are easily satisfied by the simple sugar-glazed doughnuts. From Krispy Kreme to Croughnuts, today, doughnut makers are presenting bolder versions of the humble snack like the Doughnut Project's Beet, Pineapple-Jalapeno and Black Pepper glazed doughnuts.

According to the Smithsonian, although many nations claim doughnuts originated from their shores, studies show it is quintessentially American. They have uncovered fossilized remains which experts claim to look like doughnuts, the Dutch also have their version called "oily cakes".

But it has come a long way from being the bread with a hole. Just recently the Village Voice released an article about the not-your-ordinary doughnut joint in New York. Former lawyer Leslie Pollizzotto is the brain behind The Doughnut Project, they quoted "Doughnuts just make my day. My whole life, anytime someone brought in doughnuts that were just the highlight for me. I've always loved them, and I can't tell you how happy I am to have a doughnut shop. It's an absolute dream!" Pollizzotto said.

But the flavors they offer makes their doughnuts stand out in the midst of a doughnut haven where hundreds of doughnut shops offer almost the same soft and sweet snack. They boast of their unexpected flavors such as the ricotta cheese and beet glaze doughnut, olive oil and black pepper, pineapple-jalapeno and maple-glazed finger doughnut with bacon! And with these pop of unexpected flavours, they are expected to last for a very long time. The surprising twists to their doughnut flavors are sure to endear them to the public's palletes.

Meanwhile in Prague, a doughnut-made ice cream cone is making waves on Instagram. The cone is made up of cinnamon and sugar-crusted doughnuts, invented by the Good Food Bakery in Prague. Yes, you've heard it right. A doughnut-turned ice cream cone, how can anyone go wrong with that? That's why it is not surprising that even tourists go there just to sample this new treat.

Although it is relatively new in the market, HNGN predicts the doughnut-cone will become a household name in no time, they were quoted saying "While ice cream is good enough on its own, European doughnut shops are now serving the classic dessert in cinnamon-coated doughnut cones and then stuffing them with other delicious treats like Nutella and whipped cream"

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