Countries Where Alcohol is Prohibited

Mar 16, 2016 11:40 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Presently, most nations that disallow liquor do as such essentially for religious reasons. The reasoning behind these laws is fundamentally the same to our own particular prohibition period and even to those countries in the United States that still outlaws the offer of liquor today. These regions are generally congregated in the Bible Belt, where the thought of temperance still has a hold.


There are a lot of spots authorized to offer beverages to foreigners while it's unlawful for local people to buy spirits in Afghanistan.


Liquor is just available in hotels and through private licenses to be purchased to non-Muslims just in Bahrain. Savoring liquor in public is still unlawful and being drunk can really get you tossed in a correctional facility.


This oil-rich nation has some amazingly strict laws and really serious punishments like flogging in regards to liquor use. While it's unlawful for the ordinary individuals, the sultan of Brunei's family is known for facilitating extravagant gatherings that don't appear to be dry in the slightest.


While unlawful for Muslims and cruelly punished, the nation's Christian minorities are permitted to drink and regularly distil arak, moonshine produced using raisins.


While alcohol stores might be lawful, that doesn't mean they are acknowledged by everybody, there have been some deadly attacks on different alcohol stores in West Baghdad.

Saudi Arabia

You can't purchase liquor legitimately anyplace in Saudi, however, that doesn't prevent a few individuals from attempting. Detainment, fines, and floggings are viewed as punishments for offering liquor in the nation and foreigners are subject to the local law as any other individual.

United Arab Emirates

While non-Muslim residents might apply for a permit to drink alcohol in their own particular homes and a grant to savor them in authorized establishments, the drinking culture here among non-Muslims or non-religious Muslims is huge. All things considered, the laws are still exceptionally strict in case you're found drinking without a permit or you cause inconvenience while under the influence, don't expect any tolerance.

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