26-Pound Python Gummy Candy and other Extremely Unusual Candy You Never Thought Existed

Mar 18, 2016 06:58 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol


Candy Warehouse offers a candy theme called "Extremely, Gross and Funny" candy line which includes all the weirdest candy shapes and sizes imaginable. Have you heard of the life-sized 26-pound python made up entirely of gummy? It is made of gummy gel used to make gummy bears. 

Candies used to be simple and enjoyable sweet treats for sugar lovers. But in an attempt to make a standout, candy makers are now making unusual candies but some of them end up being weird and gross. The weirder they are, the more likely it is to sell especially in a market with hundreds of candy shops who offer the same items. Food World News listed where one can find the most extremely unusual and gross candies today.

1.      Candy Warehouse is one of the known candy stores who offer extraordinary candies. They are the makers of the 26-pound gummy python candy which resembled a real-life sized snake made up entirely of gummy. They made it as a "party gummy" designed to be shared by the kids during parties, thus the size.

But their otherwise weird creativity didn't stop there. They advertise a lot more of these unusual and sometimes gross looking candies. From brain candy lollipop, blood bags liquid candy, sour flush liquid candy (served inside a mini-toilet bowl) to cricket and scorpion lollipops! Although it is made of the actual (and good) candy stuff, it is quite startling to find them shaped like these. Other find it difficult to eat while the adventurous ones find these candies appetizingly interesting.

2.      Off The Wagon Shop is another site where people can purchase unusual and gross candies. From their line of witty candy packaging to weird candy shapes and flavors, anyone is sure to have fun choosing which candy works for them. They have draft beer jellies, fire ants cinnamon candies, chocolate frog candies, larvets cheddar cheese (cheese bites in the form or larvae or worms), and onion ring flavored mints.

3.      And lastly, you can shop for extraordinary candies in Japan. Their penchant for developing weird things including candies sometimes turn out to produce gross yet popular ones. These products are not for the weak. Reports say some students developed a jellyfish and caramel flavored candy, grilled-lamb flavored caramel, cake-flavored soda and coffee-flavored chewing gum.

In a world of innovative candy makers, there will sure be an unusual candy to satisfy any individual's candy dreams.

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