Bodybuilder Diet 101: What to Eat

Mar 17, 2016 04:21 AM EDT | By Mikhail Blacer


Regardless if you're already a full-fledged bodybuilder or someone who wants to put on some lean muscle, then you need to start being a picky eater. Sure, eating whatever you want is great, but discipline is needed if you want that ripped build. 

Let's say you're in the process of putting up a meal plan, and barely have any idea what to put in there. Thankfully, experts from put up a comprehensive list of items which should be included in your meal plan. This include: 

Egg whites

A single egg is chock-full of protein though the yolk is also full of fat. In this case, ditch the yolk and focus only on the whites: these have a protein to fat ration of 60:1 and is arguably the leanest source of protein in the food world. Furthermore, it contains only a few carbohydrates and contains a selected serving of vitamins and minerals. 

Beans and nuts

Certain beans and nuts are also rich sources of protein. Though the first thing that comes to the mind of bodybuilders is lean meat, nuts, beans, and other legumes,  are a viable source of protein. Additionally, they make a healthy snack and they contain a good amount of fiber, which is an important nutrient since it helps out in the digestive processes. 

Fish, like salmon and tuna

Fish, including salmon and tuna, might contain a lot of fat but they are essentially "good" fat, like omega-3 and other fatty acids which are good for the heart. Grilling salmon and tuna will give you an ample amount of protein. You may resort to eating their canned versions, but it's important to only gorge on ones stored in water, not oil. 

Lean red meat and chicken

Although most steaks are off limits, it's still important to include certain types of red meat into your diet, albeit they should be prepared properly. In this case, your best bet would be ones that have been grounded whether it's pork, beef, turkey, or chicken. 

Overall, being a bodybuilder is more than just carrying weights - it also involves being smart with what you put on your belly!

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