Gatorade Offers New Yogurt that Builds Muscles While You Sleep

Mar 17, 2016 04:30 AM EDT | By Mark Jason Alcala

Gatorade is about to go high-tech. How high tech? Think about a bottle that tells you how much to drink, a yogurt that helps build your muscle while you sleep and a caffeine-free energy boost thanks to a "nitrate shot" that keeps you going longer.

Gatorade recently unveiled these three new offerings as part of its "innovation pipeline" according to Alex Swerdloff's article in Munchies. While all three are innovative products, Samantha Olson writing for Medical Daily predicts that the yogurt alone might start a new workout trend as it is one of the very few items currently available that address overnight muscle repairs.

Yogurt That Builds Muscles While You Sleep

What's in the new night yogurt that makes it so special? Gatorade Senior global director of global innovation and design told that the delicious "night protein yogurt" is meant to be a post-workout treat. However, it does more than just please the palate as it contains casein.

According to Medical Daily, the protein in the Greek Yogurt is almost entirely casein, a slow burning protein ideal as a before bedtime treat because it helps rebuild muscles while one is sleeping. Citing a Netherlands study, it was noted that if casein is taken after a workout and just 30 minutes prior to sleep,  it leads to a greater muscle protein synthesis. Another study published in the Journal of Nutrition back in 2012 concluded that greater muscle mass increase and strength was achieved by taking casein before bedtime.

However, the company is still in the testing phase for this nighttime snack and expects it to be available in two years.

Smart Cap

The other exciting product that Gatorade will soon offer is the Smart Cap according to Tech Radar. It is essentially a smart hydrating bottle equipped with a microchip that tracks how much fluid was drank and how much more a player or athlete needs to stay hydrated. Some people can't help but comment that it's almost like a Fitbit for fluid intake and probably it is but Gatorade says it wants its products to be the 24-hour-a-day source of nutrition and wellness. And a 24-hour cash cow.

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