YouTube Co – Founder Launches Unique Cooking App

Mar 17, 2016 12:07 PM EDT | By Shilpa Chakravorty


YouTube Co - Founder Steve Chen, along with former lead engineer Vijay Karunamurthy have created an app that takes the cooking shows to a completely new level.

The 'Nom' app and website allows professional as well as novice chefs to share their experiences in the kitchen in an interactive way.

Notably, the app has already received $4.7 million in funding and endorsements that include the "Gangnam Style" singer Psy and actor Jared Lato, according to reports from Grubstreet.

Additionally, notable chefs of the industry like Corey Lee of Benu, Joanne Chang of Boston pastry and Michael Tusk of Quince already possess a channel, according to The Daily Meal.

Ivan Orkin has a channel where he's instructing viewers on how to layer ramen to maximize flavor; plus, a rotating set of "Nomcasts" feature quick demonstrations like tips for bagel cutting by Black Seed's Dianna Daoheung. 

Notably, the app's inspiration came partly from meals eaten in the Google Venture dining hall, where chefs would try out new recipes and heated debates would erupt, so Nom's team says the end goal is about creating a space for collaboration. 

According to Chen, "We're seeing people use Nom for coffee tastings, cooking demos, and live coverage of pop-up experiences."

Viewers will be initially able to send photos, GIFs, videos straight to the hosts of the show for an interactive experience.

"Collaboration is key for us at Nom," said Vijay Karunamurthy, Co-Founder and CEO of Nom. "We worked with an incredible group of chefs, makers, and creators to build the site and app they would want to reach an audience live. Now any creative team can produce their own show. We're seeing people use Nom for coffee tastings, cooking demos, and live coverage of pop-up experiences."

Although Nom has received immense support and endorsements, yet it is far away from being the next YouTube, even in the cooking domain. According to Chen, "getting good press is one thing. But we're only going to see big numbers if we can sustain the interest we are seeing now."

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