Oprah Winfrey Suggests Five Diet Tricks To Lose Weight

Mar 21, 2016 06:27 AM EDT | By Chandan Das


Since the former talk-show titan Oprah Winfrey acquired a part of Weight Watchers some five months back, the company has witnessed a 20 percent increase in its share prices. In the meantime, 62-year-old Winfrey herself lost 26 pounds, just eating bread all this time!

Endorsing the brand, recently Winfrey revealed a few of her greatest tricks to remain fit and slim during a live Web-call exclusive for members of Weight Watchers. Most of the tricks offered by Winfrey actually begin with making a few simple changes in one's lifestyle, Today reported. Here are a few suggestions from the former media mogul and now a fitness expert.

Eat More Seafood

According to Winfrey, seafood is a healthy friend. During a recent visit to Australia, she was thrilled to discover her latest favorite fish: barramundi, which is also referred to as Asian sea bass. It is a very sustainable fish, but can be somewhat difficult to come across in the United States at times. Consequently, Winfrey often decides on cod. Winfrey's biggest seafood realization was when she recently discovered that 77 large shrimp is only six points on the program, equivalent to about just 3/8 lb of wild salmon).

Replace Chips With Jicama

During the Web-call, Winfrey emphasized that she loves jicama because of its crunchiness. This is a large, bulbous root vegetable with an inedible thin brown skin, making it appear unappealing. Hence, it is often overlooked by people. However, when you peel the vegetable, you come across its sweet, succulent flesh, which has a nutty flavor. Jicama is crispy and can certainly replace the chips, which are responsible for overweight.

Mashed cauliflower

Winfrey chooses smashed cauliflower instead of the conventional mashed potatoes, as the former has a lower points value. However, when there are six to eight guests over for dinner, she mashes an entire cauliflower head and adds only one potato. Adding a potato imparts a rich and creamy texture and her guests even don't realize that the dish mostly contains cauliflower.

Spaghetti Squash Flavor Like Real Spaghetti

By itself, spaghetti squash may be similar to spaghetti. But its flavor is different and also doesn't possess the fibrous and pleasing mouthful of al dente pasta. However, Winfrey is a true foodie and she adds roughly two pints (3/8 cup) of actual noodles to make it taste like real spaghetti.

Drink Lots Of Water

Although Winfrey says she really doesn't like water, she suggests people to drink lots of it are on their road to self-improvement.

"My own struggles with the scale are well known," another report quotes Winfrey as saying. She added, "I've never believed in hiding them. What I do believe in: strength in numbers."

Way back in 1988, she unveiled another weight loss program on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," which included showing off the fit of her designer jeans and a little red wagon filled with 67 pounds of fat. However, she is aware that things have changed for her over the years. "Gone, for me, are the days of wanting to be thin to fit into anything other than my best body and best life," Winfrey said.

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