Domino's Pizza-Delivering Robot

Mar 21, 2016 07:15 AM EDT | By Mark Jason Alcala

How would you like your favorite pizza delivered? If Domino has it's way, you might get your pizzas delivered by robots.

Domino's Australia division recently announced it plans to push through with Domino Robotic Unit (DRU) according to a YahooNews article by Lance Olanoff. According to Domino, the DRU is just an autonomous vehicle with the capability to avoid obstacles, navigate sidewalks, avoid obstacles while at the same time keeping the pizza hot and fresh.

On top of that, the self-driving robot can deliver cold drinks to go with the hot pizza according to a CNN Money article by Hope King. The DRU has already completed its trial delivery early this month.

According to the company's promo video, "We improvise, we explored, and we discovered that this audacious idea could actually become a reality."

To assist in its navigation, the DRU uses a GPS and has the ability to sense and go around obstacles. In addition, the DRU can travel on bike paths or footpaths with a recorded speed of 12 miles per hour.

The DRU features locked compartments to house hot as well as cold items. Developed by Marathon Robotics, an Australian robot company, the delivery service may be availed by using a security code sent to the customer's phone.

Marathon is thrilled to be part of Domino's innovative approach saying, "We are proud to also be part of this world-fist innovation in pizza-delivery technology."

Domino has been testing novel ways of expanding its business. Barely three years ago, the company's UK branch unveiled a concept drone that is also capable of delivering pizza.

Unfortunately, the company says the DRU is still in the testing phase and might take some time to be operational. Planned markets where the service could be deployed include Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany according to Yahoo News. For now, customers will have to make do with Domino's pizza delivery personnel.

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