Are Avocado Seeds Safe To Eat? Find Out Here

Mar 24, 2016 06:41 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol


One of the world's most favorite fruit is probably the avocado. It's mushy, greenish and tasty meat is equally healthy and nutritional. It can be turned into a smoothie, ice cream, salad, pancake, toast and much more. Lately, there were videos and recipes going around claiming that the avocado seeds are good for your body. But can we really eat avocado seeds? Experts say, you probably shouldn't. wanted to give light to the debate on whether or not avocado seeds are safe for eating. They quoted Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD and Health contributing editor, "I'm a huge avocado fan. I eat them daily, and recommend them to my clients, but I have reservations about eating the seeds...While there is some research about beneficial compounds in the seed, the safety of ingesting it hasn't been established, so the risks versus benefits aren't fully known.". Health.Com added that "There is a body of evidence exploring potential health benefits in extracts of the avocado seed, but these potential benefits versus risks of eating the avocado seed are not well fleshed out," says Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LDN, an Atlanta-based nutritionist.

Even the California Avocado Commission, advocates of avocado eating, strongly negates the idea of consuming avocado seeds. They stated that "The California Avocado Commission does not recommend consumption of the "pit" or seed of an avocado. The seed of an avocado contains elements that are not intended for human consumption. Additionally, the existing studies have focused on the potential benefits of avocado seed extracts, rather than the consumption of the seed itself, and they provide information only on lab testing, not on clinical data.".

But experts accept the fact that they cannot prohibit anyone who insists and claims that avocado seeds can be consumed. However, they are adamantly firm in reminding the public to be cautious when dealing with avocado seeds.

Technically speaking, there isn't enough research to refute the claims of the health benefits of avocado. Today, they can see that the bigger problem will probably be caused by ingesting the seed and not what composes the seed itself. Experts are not denying the fact that there can really be nutrients from the seeds, but it calls for further testing.

Experts strongly suggest that further studies be conducted to nullify or maybe endorse the safety of eating avocado seeds. Until then, people should try to refrain from eating the seeds and just enjoy pure avocado meat goodness.

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