Edible Utensils Developed In India To Lessen Waste Disposal

Mar 28, 2016 05:02 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol

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25th May 1962: A spoon, knife, fork and table mat for one person's meal.
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"Eat with it and then eat it" is the tagline of India's new edible utensils. According to Bakeys, 120 billion plastic cutleries are discarded in India alone every year. That's why their founder, Narayana Peesapaty, decided to create edible utensils.

Peesapaty, founded Bakeys which is described on their website as a company who are "developing innovative solutions (grounded on business model) to growing environmental problems, managing the operations, developing the team and all associated functions required for running the Company". He believes that "Change is inevitable. Before this change can overtake and overwhelm us, we should be the instruments of change".

The line of edible utensils includes soup spoons, sporks (spoon + fork) and chopsticks. Reports say that the edible utensils are made up of a mix of millet, rice and wheat flours and then baked dry. Their edible cutleries also comes in three flavors, plain, sweet or spicy.

This innovative and ingenious masterpiece is ISO certified and are safe to eat. And the best part, they even have nutritional content. Each piece of edible utensils contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and many more.

But Peesapaty's commitment to others and the environment doesn't stop there, he also hopes to help millet producers. If these edible utensils become really big, there will be more demands for millet and he will be able to help his countrymen.

Today their line of edible utensils can be ordered from Bakeys online shop. Custom-made utensils with different shapes and additional natural flavorings can also be ordered three months in advance.

And it looks like more people are interested in using the edible utensils. Bakeys also initiated a Kickstarter campaign so that they can make more of these edible spoons and forks to be sold worldwide. As of today, they received a total of $82,000 funding and that amount is expected to gain more with 20 days remaining from their campaign.

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