8 Super Food That Reduce Elevated Blood Pressure

Mar 29, 2016 09:45 PM EDT | By Sneha Susan John

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Blood pressure can be a serious problem to many people today. One way to control our pressure is to control the food that we eat. While we avoid many food items, there are many items that can help lower pressure levels as well.

1.       White beans - You can use white beans as a side dish or even soup. It is full of proteins and a great alternative for meat.  Having a little every day as part of your diet can make a difference to your body.

2.       Dark chocolate - Yes, eating 30 calories of dark chocolate will help lower your blood pressure. Though it is really good to lower pressure levels, you must make sure not to eat too much of it.

3.       Soybeans - This is another food that is rich in magnesium and it works wonders in your body. You can even eat them as a snack to keep them part of your daily diet.

4.       Banana - If you dislike eating vegetables, then you have everybody's favorite fruit - banana, to help you when your pressure hits high.

5.       Sunflower seeds - They are just a delightful snack. Eating sunflower seeds can lower your blood pressure. It is also a great source of magnesium.

6.       Kiwi fruit - One kiwifruit provides 2% of the calcium, 7% of the magnesium, and 9% of the potassium you need every day. Kiwi Fruit is rich in vitamin C and is a fruit that can help you from many deficiencies.

7.       Garlic - Garlic has many medicinal properties and also helps in lowering blood pressure. Adding a little garlic to the food you cook will enhance its flavor and will also make sure you have a balanced blood pressure level.

8.       Cashew and Almonds - As we all know, nuts are a great away to enhance your health and keep ourselves healthy. Cashews and almonds have rich nutrients that make a notable decrease in your blood pressure. 

Go grab them now!

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