11 Easy Steps To Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Mar 29, 2016 09:47 PM EDT | By Yves Matthew Amodia

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Use these rules to naturally slow your sugar intake-and keep eating meals you love

In the world of fantasy wish lists, wouldn't it be great if-instead of prompting us to snack all the time-our bodies would just use up fat we have already stored?

Here are tips to beat your sugar addiction compiled by Mirror and Dr. Frank Lipman:

First reason is you'll lose weight if you did. You'll shed the pounds - and fast, too, because your body will be better able to manipulate insulin production. You're not on a diet, you're simply eating healthier. When most people go on a diet, they remove calories too much and with no real care given to the quality of food they eat. The weight lost through dieting almost always makes its way back around your belly eventually. When you cut out sugar, the focus is on the sweet side, not on the calories. If you keep off away from sugar there is a good chance that your weight loss will be permanent.

The second reason is that better gut health - steer away of sugary yoghurt drinks. Sugar makes bad bacteria in your gut. The digestive system is crucial to our immune system so it's not a surprise that an overgrowing bacteria triggered by too much sugar affects our health and body. Indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowels are a sample signs that bad bacteria is starting to take over any good bacteria that might exist. A good probiotic can help, but take it in pill form, not the sugary yoghurt drinks.

The third and the last main reason is that dumping the white stuff could actually improve your mood. You might not know it, but if you're struggler of anxiety or depression, cutting out sugar could help. A report published in the British Journal of Psychiatry recently showed that middle-aged people who always consume processed foods, typically high in refined sugar, are much more likely to suffer from depression than those who eat a less processed diet.

Furthermore, Carley suggested that the following steps must be followed for sugar detoxification:

1.    Learn where sugar lies

2.    Make some small changes first

3.    Don't skip breakfast

4.    Limit alcohol

5.     Exercise

6.    Don't give up on snacks

7.    Get your vitamins

8.    Learn the other names for sugar

9.    Save up your sugar for the good stuff

10.  Buy products that are unsweetened

11. Stick with it!

Giving up sugar looks impossible. But if you learn to make your own dressings and get used to the food swaps, you can be sugar savvy and healthy.

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