Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen Celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a Bang - Exciting Initiatives Include Taco Tuesday Specials and Catering Fiestas

Apr 24, 2017 10:37 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter


In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, healthy Mexican food restaurant Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen has announced three exciting new initiatives. The restaurant seeks to provide a healthy and nutritious way for customers to enjoy May 5th, as well as Taco Tuesdays all year round.

Extras for Cinco de Mayo Customers

As a part of a special Cinco de Mayo celebration, Al Horno has something special for its NYC Mexican restaurant customers on May 5th, 2017. All locations will offer free guacamole and chips for any party of two or more with a $20 minimum order.

"Taco Tuesdays at Al Horno"

"Taco Tuesdays at Al Horno" will be rolled out on the Tuesday before Cinco de Mayo and will last until the day after Labor Day. The Taco Tuesday deal includes any three tacos from the menu or new taco menu, plus a small smoothie such as the Rapid Recovery featuring strawberries, banana, flax seed oil, whey protein and almond milk, the Acapulco Acai with Sambazon acai, strawberries, kiwi and mango or ten other tasty and nutritious options. Customers can also select from brand new tacos including "Pinto Mash and Corn," "Cauliflower Fajita," "Chorizo and Eggs," and "Cheesy Black Bean and Kale." This offer is valid for in-store pickup, dine-in and call-in delivery on any orders, throughout the duration of the Taco Tuesday campaign.

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Fiesta Catering

Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen provides an array of catering options including catering for 10 people to over 1,000. For those looking to cater a Cinco de Mayo fiestas, Al Horno offers NYC Mexican catering including the "Body Build Your Own," which allows partygoers to build their own tacos, plates and salads.

About Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen

With five locations, Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen is dedicated to providing customers with New York Mexican food with a healthy twist. Traditional Mexican flavors have been fused into healthy options that include new ingredients, no frying or oil, a gluten free menu, antibiotics and hormone free steak, an innovative juice bar and more. Learn more by visiting

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