Bringing Food and a Great Night In

Jun 09, 2017 11:07 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter


How we have obtained food has changed a lot over the course of human history. From thousands of years ago when we had to hunt animals, to the birth of agriculture, in which we could grow our own food. Then as people were able to grow more than they needed, then could sell it, so trading would occur with other places to bring new ingredients to people. Cooking, mixing, baking and more would develop and people could create different meals with their foodstuff, giving rise to cafes, restaurants and other eateries.

This would spread with traders and with the rise of cookbooks, allowing people from different countries to eat food from across the globe, giving an unlimited variety and diversity. Cookbooks allowed easy ways of sharing and passing on knowledge of food, and they aren't close to being a modern invention, with tablets dating back to 1700 B.C. and cooking guides from the 4th-5th century. Cookbooks would become a staple of human culture with each nation having their famed chefs who would share their knowledge globally. The internet has sped this up, as anyone can now divulge their recipes with everyone else on Earth. With social media, blogs, and dedicated websites, there now being millions of recipes across the web.

In modern times we'd see fast-food restaurants prosper and then we gained the ability to order food over the phone and brought directly to us. This then reaches today, where food can be obtained with an app. Apps are everything these days and can do whatever we need. Whether for fun or work, we can depend on them for all parts of our lives, including our food. You can easily downloading app that can give you recipes, help you diet properly and more but what we're seeing more and more is food delivery apps. You can use services such as Deliveroo, Menulog and LazyAz to bring food directly to you with just a few button presses. These apps are very convenient, have all your details saved and give you a wide section. Rather ordering directly from one restaurant or fast-food place, you can have it delivered from a variety with this tech.

The rise of such apps has become popular all over the word as their convenience and easy to use approach is what people wanted. Ordering food for a group can be stressful but these services make things simple. You have a large choice so everyone can get what they want, without having to order from somewhere one person may not be keen on, and everything being paid for in advance makes sorting money uncomplicated.

Food apps aren't just the apps we have seen become super popular in recent years. Games are hugely popular on smartphones, with the likes of Pokémon Go, The Room, Block VS Balls, as well as Mobile casino apps, with the latter as they give people the ability to play authentic gambling games for real money wherever they are, with a wide variety available. With games you can play console classics, puzzle games, augmented reality ages and more, all on your smartphone. You can also get a huge range app for streaming music, TV and movie apps, so you can enjoy all your favourite entertainment on the go. These combined with all these food apps means that staying at home and having fun has never been easier.

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