How to save healthy eating habits in marriage

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How to save healthy eating habits in marriage

Living alone has its pros and cons. Speaking about health and diet, you're free to eat what you want and whenever you want. When you live alone, or at least you don't depend on anyone else who live with you, keeping fit and following your lifestyle is quite easy. However, thousands married men and women admitted their eating habits changed a lot after they started living together. This small problem also concerns men who decided to look for a real Russian bride because those women are known for their terrific cooking skills. So, how to save your eating habits in marriage and encourage your spouse to live healthy.

Healthy together

It doesn't matter whether you try to lose weight after years of eating junk food, or this is your long term diet. Living with a person with poor eating habits can be so irritating you may lose your temper. But under any circumstances do not try to force your husband or wife to follow your lifestyle. A reasonable discussion can fix everything. Describe how it is important for you, share your feelings, don't make scenes. You will get a support and maybe you will even attract your beloved one on to adhere to the light side of the Force. It is way better when you do everything together.

Sometimes there are still some misunderstandings left. For instance, your spouse may think a healthy food is boring and insipid. In this case the internet will definitely help you: there're tons of blogs and videos dedicated to contemporary healthy homemade food. In addition, replace a fried meat with the baked or boiled one, add a little bit more vegetables to your ration, and don't ignore exotic spice and flavors. Another negative scenario takes place when nothing helps. In this case the only way to stay cool is to cook separately and chose two different ways of cooking meal: one is healthy, another is what your spouse wishes.

If you're strong enough to resist a temptation, there will be nothing extra hard for you in future. Also, try not to eat separately. Heaving meal together is extremely important for happy and long family life. At least one of your eating in a day should held together in a dining room.

When it goes really serious?

Some might burst in laughter when they hear husband and wife can fight because of food. In fact, dietary restriction are obligatory sometimes because of food allergy, a specific mindset or religion. Gluten-free, vegan or protein diets can be vital for some people. So, when their spouses don't share the same interests, or even worse, they are the ones who don't cook at all, another family member has to overcome a big stress.

To avoid such situation it is important to have a quiet discussion BEFORE you are involved in serious relationships. Trust and regular conversation are a key to health marriage, so don't hesitate speaking about your diet in advance. Someone think it's ridiculous, but we live in the age where food means much more than just a nutrition.

Dealing with different food preferences

To be honest, this is the most insignificant issue of eating habits, but we will discuss it anyway. According to subscribers of Casanova style and Natasha dating, it is impossible to marry a person who has completely different preferences in food and drinks. But still, we all have some kind of meal we love and no one else share this feeling. For example, you and your spouse may adore all kinds of veggies, but one of you may hate eggplants or broccolis. It is okay. The easiest way to overcome this little disagreement is to cook your favorite dishes only for yourself, or if you make something for a whole family, make a small portion different from others so not to be rude and selfish.

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