The Tastier Side of the Canadian Casino Industry

Nov 21, 2017 08:55 AM EST | By Staff Reporter


Traditionally, the large majority of people who popped down to their local casino were only interested in playing roulette, blackjack or their other favorite casino games. While this is still the primary attraction for most casino enthusiasts, the clientele and their tastes are constantly evolving and to the customer, the overall experience is now just as important as the quality of games on offer. In the modern day casino, non-gaming amenities including food and beverages can represent up to 60% of revenue for some of the largest casino operators and a recent Ipsos study completed on behalf of the Canadian Gaming Association found that a third of regular casino-goers dine in the casino restaurants on a regular basis, representing big business for the large majority of casino operators.

Chowing Down At The Casino

The fact of the matter is that if gamers choose to leave the casino in order to eat off-site then the chances of them returning to the establishment are relatively slim. For that reason, the top casino menus involve a wide variety of different food to cater for people of all tastes and needs so as to ensure that gamers never leave the venue. Buffets are especially popular in Canadian casinos, as they allow customers the freedom of choice to pick and choose their favorite food whilst avoiding dishes that don't take their fancy.

For some of the more traditional casino establishments, a three course meal is the way to ensure customers stay on site. From a garlic bread starter to a roast beef main course, topped off with rocky road ice cream, you can get back to to the roulette or poker table feeling rejuvenated and ready to beat the dealer in the game of your choice. What's more, the prices are often extremely reasonable and if you've had a good day, you can always use some of your winnings to treat yourself to that extra piece of Maple Sponge Toffee you've been craving all morning.

High Stakes Online Casino Games

The popularity of online casino in Canada is arguably at an all time high due to the wide variety of games offered by most online sites. The wide variety of slot games are also attracting new audiences; there are a number of themed slot games which you can try here if attractive sign up bonuses and special offers appeal to the more frugal casino player within you. Themed slot games are now one of the most popular categories of games at online casinos, with gamers often enjoying the thrill of playing with characters and concepts that they're already familiar with.

For those who can't stop thinking about food even when they're watching the spin of the roulette wheel, there are even food-themed slot games available for you to sink your teeth into. Whether you're a fan of Chinese food and fancy a dabble on the ever popular slot Win Sum Dim Sum or partial to a good lasagna, there are food related slots which cater for a number of different tastes and the good news is that these games will do no lasting damage to your caloric intake.

Food For Thought

Whether you're a fan of visiting your local establishment and breaking for a good quality meal or simply playing online casino games from your mobile device whilst chomping on a packet of chips, the thrill and enjoyment of the casino remains the same. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that Canadian casinos are currently offering some of the most dynamic and immersive gaming experiences and you can visit their website here to get started on your quest to find the top welcome bonuses and promotions.

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