Five unwritten online dating rules everyone needs to know

Jan 17, 2018 09:43 AM EST | By Staff Reporter


Hello! My name is Mike. I am a 35-years-old blogger and a big fan of Internet technologies. I truly believe that they make our lives better, no matter what screenwriters of "Black Mirror" say. And if you still don't feel it, it probably means that you're doing something wrong when using them. Here is my story: I'd spent three years on dating sites before I met my amazing wife there. Being an inexperienced user, I've made all possible mistakes. But then I've gained much knowledge about virtual relationships and understood how they work. Thank God, I've met my special woman when I was experienced enough not to screw everything up. But if you don't want to spend three years gaining your own experience, just spend ten minutes on reading these five dating rules which make your searching for love online more successful.

Choose a good profile picture

...Or at least include any. This VictoriaHearts review states that male members with photo get more attention from women. I have to add that male members without photos have a zero chance to find love on a dating site. Seriously, would you talk to a person who is hiding his face in real life?

Choosing a profile picture, keep that on dating sites you need to stand out of the crowd to catch the attention of attractive members. But at the same time, you shouldn't make an impression of a freaky person.

A good profile picture is a 50% of success. Dating site specialists also recommend not choosing a group shot for a primary photo as it could be hard for other members to identify you. Instead, upload a picture where other members can see not only your face but also your body. Your primary picture should make an impression that you have nothing to hide. And if you want to upload a portrait photo, you'd better include it in your gallery. Creating gallery of 3-5 photos, express your preference for pictures of good quality rather than for webcam shots. You can also include self-shots and outdoor pictures. Dating site specialists say that they are also effective, as they are casual and approachable.

If you are looking for meaningful relationships, forgot about naked and provocative pictures.

Be confident when completing your profiles on online dating sites

Most people say that their ideal dating partner should be mature and confident. That's why you never have to write in your dating profiles things like "I'm not very good at love and relationships", even if it's true. It was my mistake in the first year of being a dating site member. And if I could send messages to myself in the past like the main character of "Dating Rules From My Future Self" TV show, I would advise this young man not to pull himself a loser in love. Self-doubt pushes people away from you. So, don't be desperate. Remember that most people feel out of place on a dating site, too.

Reply within 24 hours

What does dating mean? The more people you'll ask - the more different answers you'll get. But most of them will use the words "trust" and "respect". That's why my dating advice for men: respect each woman you contact with on a dating site to create trust because the one isn't possible without the other.

Of course, you don't have to reply people who don't attract you. It's another unwritten dating rule. This rule is particularly relevant for premium dating sites where you need to pay for the interaction with other members. Read this review to learn more about premium dating: "Meet VictoriaHearts, an international dating platform for hopeless romantics in 2018".

On such sites, chatting with a person you don't want to know better is a waste of money in the truest sense.

But if you've liked someone, the best way to show it is to respond quickly to keep the positive energy between you both.

Take your time

In real life, we use so-called "three date rule" when we value a relationship with someone. We try to know each other better before having sexual contact as we want it to go well. And it works! But for some reasons, we start rushing when it comes to online dating.

And then we find ourselves on a date with a good-looking person with whom you have nothing in common.

That's why most successful dating sites that focus on meaningful relationships are international. Check this dating site review to learn more about them and read the story of an American guy who has found his love in Asia.

The rules of relationships are the same both online and offline, so get to know each other better before moving to the next stage.

Remember that woman can feel uncomfortable when you are asking her out right after saying "Hello". And I guarantee that you won't be satisfied with this date if it will happen.

So, take your time and learn more about your potential date. Ask friendly questions about her interests, lifestyle, and hobbies. Discuss your favorite movies and TV shows. Make sure that you will have things to talk about when you meet in person.

Be honest

I want to finish my "dating 101" for men with this rule: be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone else, trying to show your virtual date the best version of yourself. Always remember, that sooner or later she will see the real you.

Honesty is very important on dating sites that use matching algorithms to help members meet each other. Such sites usually ask people to fill in a welcome questionnaire. Read this review to get more information about this system -

So, don't lie about your hobbies, occupation or age. If you think you're too old to date online, remember the "dating age rule" - for a successful relationship your youngest romantic interest is half-of-your-age-plus-seven-years-old. So, if you are the 35-years-old guy like I am, several 25-years-old will be interested in you.

Here are my top 5 dating rules. I'm sure my dating experience would be more positive if knew them when created my first profile on a dating site.

Of course, if you google more, you will find hundreds of new rules for love, sex, and dating. But I'll fill you in on a little secret: nobody knows them all. So, don't be afraid of doing the wrong thing. Choose a good profile picture. Be honest and confident when describing yourself. Show some respect to women. Find a person you like and get to know her better. And I'm sure you will truly enjoy online dating and meet someone special!

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