To Look Out For 5 Animal-Product-Free Food Startups

Jun 18, 2019 03:49 PM EDT | By Staff

To Look Out For 5 Animal-Product-Free Food Startups

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There is no denying that the plant-based and animal-product-free food sector is rapidly growing.  Every day, there is news of a well-known chain releasing a plant-based alternative to their traditionally meaty offers, or a big food conglomerate investing in plant-based options, or a new exciting company that is producing some sort of meat, dairy, or poultry alternative.

International food-awareness organisation Proveg, that has been very instrumental in making animal-product-free diets mainstream, hosts a startup incubator programme, first of its kind, that supports emerging innovative startups with the goal of reducing animal product consumption. Here are five exciting startups from their equally exciting list of cohorts.

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