France Is Changing Key Wine Regulations

Jul 18, 2019 07:10 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

France Is Changing Key Wine Regulations
France Is Changing Key Wine Regulations
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Whether due to bureaucratic clutter or anticipation of a sunnier climate-France is changing key wine regulations. Since 1960, wine bottles up to three liters in volume to be consumed in France have included a colored sticker atop each cork, indicating that excise duties have been paid.

Officially known as a capsule représentative des droits (CRD), and unofficially as a 'Marianne' (an image of a woman who represents the Republic), these colored labels were not required to be placed on bottles for exportation. As of this June, such stickers-previously required by the Directorate General of Customs-are no longer required. This will ease costs and complications that resulted from producers needing separate bottling lines.

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