How to Start Sustainable Living from Your Kitchen

Dec 06, 2019 09:16 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

How to Start Sustainable Living from Your Kitchen

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Have you recently started to notice everyone carrying pretty totes when going out for groceries? Reusable bags are quite a hype as the concerns about climate change are ringing alarms around the world, and rightly so. We are all struggling with problems such as unpredictable seasonal changes, mercury going bonkers and increasing natural disasters along with crashing economic cycles. What we fail to understand is that a major chunk of all those problems is largely created by all of us combined.  

We love having easy lives, and in the process of doing so, we have adopted life habits that have been hurting the natural ecosystem every day. We are busy shifting the entire blame on industries, but we do not realize how easily we can nullify the effects of industrialization by collectively adopting a sustainable lifestyle. It is not difficult. It is super fun, and will also help you save more. Here are a few tips that you can use in your kitchen daily for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shopping Habits

Let's start with grocery shopping - something we all do at least once a month. We buy dozens of items and casually stuff them in plastic bags because it is super easy to use and dispose of them. At times you take multiple bags at a time. Do you realize the amount of carbon footprint that you are adding to the environment in the process? Each plastic bag that you throw away takes a bare minimum of a decade to break down, while many even take centuries. We collectively add these little monsters to the landfills daily, when we can easily replace them with Reusable bags. All it takes is to keep a few reusable totes in your home, and the car and use them every time you go shopping.

Water Purifiers

Understandably, our freshwater sources fail to provide water that is fit for human consumption. Therefore many people resort to bottled water for safe and healthy drinking water. The problem is, that these water bottles are made out of plastic. Every bottle that we dispose of adds to the carbon footprints as the bottles rest in the landfills. You can easily make your life easier and do the planet a favor by opting for water purification systems. There are filters, distillers, and purifiers available to cater to every budget, size and space requirement. You can even buy yourself a purifying pitcher and water purifying bottles to use on the go. 

Kitchen Gardening

Did it ever occur to you that you can save money on groceries, have healthier fresher produce, and contribute to the climate by simply growing your fruits and vegetables? It is super easy to grow most veggies and many of them can be regrown from your kitchen waste. For example, sowing a vertically sliced tomato will give you a tomato plant in a few weeks. Besides, its super fun and therapeutic. You can even involve your kids in the activity for some constructive and creative activity.

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