10 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks You Must Try at Home

Jun 29, 2020 08:30 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter (staff@foodworldnews.com)

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Do you always have trouble when you're in the kitchen? Worry no more! We have listed ten brilliant and handy kitchen hacks that you can try. These techniques are safe, efficient, and smart to follow for a stress-free cooking session.

#1 Keeping cookies soft and chewy.

Do you love baking cookies and pastries? If so, this kitchen hack will surely come in handy for you. After baking cookies, serving them to your family and friends, but you realize there are leftovers, storing and keeping them in containers will not guarantee freshness. Your cookies' freshness depends on how you store it.

If you love your cookies soft and chewy and want to keep them that way for a long time, you need to store it with a slice of store-bought white bread. Keep the cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries together with the bread slice in an airtight container and store it safely. The white bread will keep your baked goodies fresh for a few days that it would seem like it was just recently baked.

#2 Freeze your soup ingredients.

It is always better to cook soup with fresh farm ingredients. If you recently brought farm produce and want to keep it for a few days without spoiling it, all you need to do is seal the vegetables in resealable bags and pop them in the freezer. Storing your favorite soup starters in the freezer will last 8 to 12 months. You can enjoy your favorite soup all year round with no hassle!

#3 Your oven makes a functional storage space.

If you don't have that many cabinets in your kitchen and rarely use your oven, use it to store your other kitchen tools and equipment. You may store rarely used bowls, plates, and other stuff inside it for the meantime.

#4 Reuse plastic egg cartons.

Plastic egg cartons can be used to store and freeze serving sauces. Put in small portions of your leftover sauces in the egg carton, cover it, and store it in your freezer. When they freeze, you can transfer the forms in a resealable bag.

#5 Bubble wrap your ice cream.

Taking out the ice cream tub will melt the ice cream fast. Keep the tub fresh by wrapping a bubble wrap around it. Bubble wraps are known to be excellent insulators, and it will keep the ice cream firm for hours even when it is out of the fridge.

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#6 Frozen rolls to fresh rolls in an instant.

If you stored some frozen rolls in your freezer and you decide to serve it again to your family and friends, you can make it look fresh in just one flick. Brush the frozen rolls with egg wash and sprinkle your favorite seeds, cheeses, or seasoning on top. Reheat, and you will now have fresh-looking rolls!

#7 Turning your peanut butter jar upside down.

This is a smart hack not only for peanut butter jars but to all your jams and spreads. Avoid stirring your peanut butter and store the jar in an upside-down position. It will be much easier to stir and avoids the oil to rise.

#8 Say goodbye to cheese residue.

When grating cheese, you might encounter sticky cheese residues on the grater. Avoid this from happening and spray cooking spray on the grater first before grating the cheese.

#9 Quit kneading dough and use a stand mixer.

Kneading homemade dough using your hands can require a lot of work and effort. If you have a stand mixer in your kitchen, stop kneading using your hands and let the mixer do the kneading for you. The high-level on the mixer gives the same pressure as your hands can give.

#10 Make crumbs in less than a minute.

Instead of wasting time using a mortar to make Oreo crumbs or bread crumbs, pop the cookies and bread in the food processor and let the machine do the crumbing. It's more comfortable, convenient, and time-efficient.

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