How to Get a Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts for Free

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Are you a big fan of Krispy Kreme donuts? If so, then the company has good news for you! We all know how hard it was in the past couple of months for everyone because of the pandemic, but Krispy Kreme has a fantastic announcement that will cheer anyone up! 

On July 17th, Friday, Krispy Kreme will be giving away a dozen of Original Glazed donuts for their 83rd birthday. With any purchase of any other donuts from Krispy Kreme on Friday, you will get another 12 more, and it is absolutely free. 

Time to celebrate!

If this amazing news from Krispy Kreme does not excite you, then you must know this event should not be missed, because the Hot Light is also extending this offer for a period of time on July 17th. So, whether if you haven't taken a Krispy Kreme donut in your whole life or you've been avoiding the shop for years, expect a fresh "Hot Now" sign will be up the entire time, and fresh donuts will be there to welcome you in every Krispy Kreme store worldwide. You will be getting freshly baked donuts at the same time the one dozen box is handed to you. 

According to a statement released by Krispy Kreme, they have been in the industry for 83 years, which means they have been serving their customers 83 years of good-tasting, freshly baked donuts. Therefore, Krispy Kreme gives out this promo on their anniversary day as a form of giving back their gratitude for the support through the years. 

The promo includes a free dozen Original Glazed Donuts, which is Krispy Kreme's signature and best-selling donut, whenever you purchase any dozen of their donuts. The promo will run from the moment the store opens until it closes. Krispy Kreme also said the treat was also to make their customers and everyone get a touch of sweetness in their 2020. 

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How to avail of the promo?

To know if the Krispy Kreme store near you is one of the participating stores for this anniversary promo, you can visit the store's website or Krispy Kreme's official page worldwide. They have the list of what stores are joining in for the promo. Simply enter your zip code, and you will see the stores near you that give away one dozen Original Glazed Donuts for free. 

Krispy Kreme also released a statement that they can let their guests enjoy the free donuts via dine-in in any Krispy Kreme Shops that allow dining in. As long as the store is complying with government and health-related guidelines, it is safe to dine in their shops. The promo and all of their other donuts are also available for takeaway and drive-thru. You can also order online and schedule it for pick up. You can put your orders online by using the Krispy Kreme app or visiting their website. Although Krispy Kreme stores deliver door-to-door, for this anniversary promo, delivery is not allowed. If you want to know what safety measures Krispy Kreme follows, you can read the guide on the app and the website. 

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