America's Most Craved Pandemic Food: Crispy Chicken Sandwiches DoorDash Reveals In Reports

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Due to the global pandemic, people are beginning to accept that things will be far from average. However, we have to face uncertainties, especially towards the food and restaurant industry.

This industry is among the most affected sectors during the pandemic. Stores are starting to shut down since dine-in is not allowed. Some are only limited to takeout or delivery. However, not all restos can cater and shift to this change immediately.

COVID-19's effect on the restaurant industry.

Yelp's recent economic Q2 reports showed the restaurant industry has the highest number of closures. Compared to other sectors, most shutdowns come from food establishments

In July, about 15,770 restaurants have permanently closed out of 26,160. That's about 60% of the whole number of eateries in the country. Since June 15, the numbers have increased drastically by 15%. The entire industry is barely making it out alive. 

However, food establishments and their customers are doing their best to help the industry survive. Hence, they have made a way to maintain the sector. And it's by ordering through third-party delivery services.

America's most craved food.

DoorDash is America's leading third-party delivery. The company conducted a report regarding how often Americans order for delivery.

The latest DoorDash Deep Dish report showed the most ordered food for takeout from January 1 to June 30. It is also the same time that the global pandemic encouraged deliveries and stay-at-home orders. 

DoorDash reported that Americans have been ordering too many chicken sandwiches this pandemic. The food item ranked higher compared to other takeout foods. 

Chicken sandwiches are the top food item that Americans order through DoorDash. According to the company's reports, it started even before the pandemic happened.

In 2019, when Popeyes began the chicken wars. Since then, the sandwiches became very popular and in-demand.

It also explains why Popeyes seemed to be doing well in business despite the global pandemic. During the first quarter, the restaurant gained about 40% visits, according to 

The hype for chicken sandwiches.

Statistics show that during the pandemic, Americans mostly spent their time cooking at home. However, cooking can be tiresome. And, we have to admit: it's not for everyone.

DoorDash reports also showed that about 41% of the American population is tired of cooking chicken at home. Hence, most of them will order chicken items for delivery. 

Moreover, the reports included Washington, DC, and NYC as the top cities with high demand in chicken dishes. Consumers in these cities order curry chicken the most, aside from the sandwiches. 

Aside from chicken, DoorDash also reported other top food items Americans commonly order. 

Food items such as spicy shrimp tacos, iced coffee, pizza, mac n' cheese are included on the list.

Large orders for families are also in demand for takeout and delivery, according to DoorDash reports. 

However, chicken sandwiches remain to be the most ordered item in the long list.

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