Johnnie Walker celebrates 200th anniversary with new and smooth Blue Label Scotch Whiskey

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In celebration of its 200 years of being in the liquor industry, Johnnie Walker announces its new special edition, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey. The liquor is called the Legendary Eight, and it is packed in an elegant, classy bottle. 

The bottle was set to be priced at $350 retail. It will also be placed in stores and shelves in the late fall of 2020. The liquor, an 87.6 proof alcohol, was made to be stronger than the normal Blue Label drink. 

The finest distilleries in the world since 1820 crafted the drink. Therefore, it contains exclusive liquids that are genuinely worth the money. 

The story behind The Legendary Eight

The newly-released Blue Label liquor was named after the eight famous producers who crafted the drink into perfection. The liquor was made in different facilities in Port Dundas, Carsebridge, Brora, and Cambus. It is also mixed with the finest spirits from Teaninich, Athol Blair, Oban, and Lagavulin. 

The Blue Label offers a luxurious blend of scotch whiskey, with a little hint of lush and sugar for sweetness. It is slightly mixed with stewed apples. To make it more balanced in texture, it also contains cocoa powder for its mid-palate. 

Before the liquor goes down in the throat, there is a hint of Islay smoke that will overwhelm your senses. Lastly, with a tad amount of fresh cracked pepper, it results in a perfect finish for a $350 liquor.

Over the years, Johnnie Walker is the best-selling liquor brand in the whole world. Their scotch whiskeys are considered world-class, and many people love the texture and smoothness of their liquor. Annually, the company sells out 223 million bottles globally. 

Johnnie Walker's scotch comes from a perfect blend of malt and grain whiskey. Most scotch whiskeys in the market are only made from a single malt. Hence, Johnnie Walker is famous because it has a unique combination among other scotch brands. 

Johnnie Walker's story

However, the company does not have its own distillery. The brand's name, Johnnie Walker, still runs back to the original blender of the liquor. Walker began selling his liquor in his small grocery store located in Scotland in 1820. 

The Blue Label is a perfect blend of a spirit and whiskey, which makes it light to drink. It is also not hard to drink compared to the bolder Johnnie Walker version. 

The scotch brewer was able to showcase his style of brewing his liquor, that it became world-known. His extraordinary mix became famous not only in the country but to all parts of the world. Now, the liquor makes up 80% of the overall and worldwide scotch market share. 

200th Anniversary 

Together with the celebration of 200 years of liquor excellence, the company is also brewing two new liquor releases in the United States. The first one is called John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend, which retails at $75. This liquor is one of the first scotch that made it to Walker's mini grocery in the 19th century. 

The second one is called John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend, which will retail at $1000 per bottle. The liquor is made of rare liquids that are exclusively brewed in secret distilleries. This whiskey is expensive because it takes nearly 30 years to be mature. 

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