Domino's gives free pizza to anyone who's name is 'Karen'

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When you go on social media, you'll find many people using the name "Karen" initially to refer to a middle-aged white woman. The name evolved later to refer also to self-entitled white women. This trend has been going on for a couple of years, and it has not stopped yet. 

To make the real-life Karens reclaim their names, Domino's is stepping up with a new scheme.

Domino's Australia has put up an offer of giving away free pizzas for women who are named Karen. The offer runs until this Friday, July 31. 

Karen joke

The reference started back as a joke, and the name linked to several viral videos of white women making racial comments and starting a fight.  

In the past years, Karens referred to white women who demand to speak to managers. However, in 2020, the Karens have evolved; they no longer want to talk to the manager. Instead, they are now throwing shades at neighbors, refusing to stay at home, and not wanting to wear a mask in public.  

In other words, Karens would refer to anyone who feels entitled, egocentric, and who complains 24/7. It started as a simple joke in the past, but it has become an insult to anyone who's name is Karen in real life. 

Domino's free pizza

Domino's Australia and New Zealand's chief marketing officer, Allan Collins, revealed the company wants to retrieve the name "Karen."

According to the pizza chain, they want to recover the name after being used as a symbol of white, middle-aged women. 

Thus, Domino's thought of giving away free pizza to anyone who's name is Karen up until Friday. Karens can claim their free pizza in any of the 100 Domino's branches in the country.

For women to claim their free pizza, they need to take a photo of themselves with their valid identification. They also need to make a short paragraph of 250 words why they are not one of the "bad" Karens. 

Domino's further explained the free pizza offer was their way to give way to all the good Karens that have been oppressed because of the name label. The pizza chain wants to bring back everyone together again and celebrate all the nice Karens in the country.  

The story behind the offer

The free pizza offer began after a Starbucks customer was labeled "Karen" after her video was posted on social media. In the video, the establishment refused to entertain her because she was not wearing a mask. 

The customer, Amber Gillies, went to social media and posted a photo of the barista named Lenin Gutierrez. She captioned the picture and explained how Gutierrez refused to serve her because she was not wearing a mask. 

Gillies also said she would bring the cops and a medical exemption the next time she goes back. 

With that, Gillies gained a lot of criticisms from the public. People were rallying in the comments, saying Gutierrez did the right thing. A few hours after the post was nowhere to be seen, as Gillies switched her Facebook account to private. 

Gutierrez received a lot of praise from her act against Gillies. Her supporters raised a GoFundMe page to give tip money for her. Currently, the page has reached over $105,000

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