Deliciously Terrifying Krispy Kreme Monster Donuts Are On Its Way This Halloween

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There is nothing to fear as Krispy Kreme takes the spook right out of season by giving fans a sweeter way to Trick-or-Treat this Halloween.

With Halloween fast approaching, Krispy Kreme makes sure that fans won't have a moment without a special batch of doughnuts to enjoy.

Back in September, they rolled out four different pumpkin spice doughnuts that quickly became a sure hit. This time, the famous doughnut shop introduces Scary Sweet Monster Doughnuts to spook fans out. 

With the ongoing pandemic, 2020 may have been dubbed as the scariest year for many. Furthermore, at present, many of the favorite Halloween traditions are at risk.

According to new research, only 7% of adults say that they or their children plan to go trick-or-treating the same way they usually do. This is the reason why Krispy Kreme created a way where guests can safely be sweet to others while treating themselves.

Deliciously Terrifying Krispy Kreme Monster Donuts Are On Its Way This Halloween
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Scary Sweet Monster Doughnuts

Reports from reveal that in welcoming its new Halloween doughnuts, Krispy Kreme decorated each one to look like the favorite classic monsters, which includes Frankenstein, a vampire, and a werewolf. Additionally, these doughnuts have a variety of flavors and fillings that fans will surely enjoy.

Frank Monster Doughnut 

Filled with Original Kreme, this doughnut is dipped in green icing and adorned with pretzel piece bolts to perfectly resemble the Frankenstein monster. To add more sweetness to it, they decorated it with icing and some sprinkles.

Drake Monster Doughnut

This doughnut has a raspberry filling, dipped in a light purple icing and is decorated with icing and sugar piece eyes looking like a real vampire. To complete the look, they also added red icing fangs to resemble blood dripping from its mouth.

Wolfie Monster Doughnut

The monster batch will not be complete without a werewolf, of course. This is an original glazed doughnut that is dipped in chocolate icing. It is decorated like a werewolf using Chocolate Kreme for its fur. Moreover, it is decorated with a sugar piece face and cinnamon sugar cereal ears. 

According to Best Products, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme, Dave Skena said that they acknowledge that this year's Halloween will not be celebrated like previously and decided to trade scary for sweet. He adds that with the launch of these doughnuts, they can help fans create new ways to enjoy the season safely. 


The fun doesn't stop there! In addition to the monster doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is also introducing "Sweet-or-Treat" Saturdays. This special event runs every Saturday until October 31. Fans are offered a chance to purchase one dozen doughnuts at any participating stores and get a $1 Sweet-or-Treat Original Glazed dozen. 

Additionally, the $1 Sweet-or-Treat Original Glazed dozen is individually wrapped for safe sharing and features a special edition Jack-o'-Lantern Doughnut, decorated with orange and black icing. 

Krispy Kreme also encourages customers to show up at their stores on Halloween. They will be giving guests wearing costumes a free donut of their choice. This offer is available at Krispy Kreme U.S. locations and drive-thrus.

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