Avoid Getting Fooled by These 5 'Health Foods' That Are Junk Foods in Disguise

Nov 14, 2020 12:20 PM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Fake "health foods" can be considered good for you by most populations, but it doesn't mean it's entirely true.

Dozens of products found in the grocery store aisles often lead you to believe they're healthy. The problem is, these are just junk food packaged with misleading claims.

You may have experienced eating "healthy food" and not enjoying the food you like all to lose weight but end up gaining weight anyway. 

According to Healthline, poor food choices play a primary role in gaining weight and developing chronic health conditions. Surprisingly, we're tricked by foods that pretend to be "healthy" but are proven otherwise. 

1. Fat-free foods

According to Eat This, due to the giant backlash and outcry of many against fatty foods and saturated fat, food companies started removing fat from their food products.

Many people think it's a good thing once they see a "fat-free" mark on the label. However, it turns out that when fat is taken out of food, it makes the food taste different.

As a result, to make food products tasty again, food companies turn to a bunch of chemicals and sugar that are actually bad for our health. 

2. Commercial salad dressing

Avoid Getting Fooled By These 5 'Health Foods' That Are Junk Foods In Disguise
(Photo : Unsplash / Suad Kamardeen)

Nothing is more healthy than eating vegetables. If you want to have vegetable salads in your daily food choice, that is absolutely fine. However, to give vegetables more flavor, many turn to salad dressings, which is where the problem starts.

Unfortunately, commercial salad dressings contain fat, oil, and chemicals that negate any health benefits of eating vegetables.

3. Fruit juices

Avoid Getting Fooled By These 5 'Health Foods' That Are Junk Foods In Disguise
(Photo : Unsplash / Lia Regina)

You may think you're making a healthier choice by switching from sugary drinks to fruit juices. Many people have the impression that fruit juices are healthy because they come from fruits. However, the majority of fruit juices found in stores are not actually the real thing.

These products sometimes have no actual fruit in them but only chemical flavoring to make them taste like fruit. In reality, these are just sugar water with fruit flavoring.

4. Whole wheat products

Avoid Getting Fooled By These 5 'Health Foods' That Are Junk Foods In Disguise
(Photo : Getty images / Spencer Platt )

Another misleading food product is some of those made with whole wheat. Contrary to what it is called, these products are not exactly created from whole wheat.  

In reality, the glycemic index of whole wheat bread and regular white bread is just the same. That is because the grains in whole wheat bread are pulverized into fine flour. It raises blood sugar at the same rate as their refined counterparts. 

5. Phytosterols

For those who are not entirely familiar with Phytosterols, these are nutrients that resemble the cholesterol versions of plants.

According to several studies, Phytosterols can decrease human blood cholesterol. As a result, many food companies add this to processed food products in the claims that it has a cholesterol-lowering property and can help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Contrary to how it is marketed and what many believe, Phytosterols can be harmful to health, especially for individuals who have Phytosterolemia.

Consumption of Phytosterols can negatively affect an individual's cardiovascular system, leading to heart disease complications and death.

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