Coronavirus-Inspired Dessert Goes Viral in Prague

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The coronavirus may have caused some businesses to close, but its dessert look-alike caused a boost in sales.

A Prague Monitor report states that a cafe in Prague launched its newest dessert, and it looks like the coronavirus. 

While the world fears the said virus, the Black Madonna Cafe in Prague chose to look the other way and create a stunning replica of the virus as their newest sweet treat.

Coronavirus-Inspired Dessert Has Ironically Gone Viral In Prague
(Photo : Getty images / Gabriel Kuchta /)

According to Forbes, the cafe is located at the heart of the Old Town district in Prague, on Celetná Street. The Black Madonna is famous for its delicious confectionery desserts.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Madonna café has been busy with tourists who visit the historic town. 

Coronavirus-Inspired Desert

The creator of the coronavirus dessert, Olga Budnik, said that she found the photo of the virus on the internet and she prepared everything to replicate the exact look of the virus. 

She added that she had to organize everything and figure out how to create the desert's details. She looked for a way to create the perfect color and make the spikes just like what the real virus had.  

Coronavirus-Inspired Dessert Has Ironically Gone Viral In Prague
(Photo : Getty images / Gabriel Kuchta )

She noted that she started conceptualizing the desert back in spring while lockdown restrictions were mandated. 

Just as small as a tennis ball, the desert is a chocolate-covered dessert filled with pistachio and raspberry. The spikes, on the other hand, were made from white chocolate and dried raspberries.

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The coronavirus-inspired desert is ironically named "virus." Customers seem to like the newly added desert and how good it tastes. To advertise the delectable eats, the cafe put up a Facebook page called Cerna Madonna.

Prague Amid The Pandemic

Just this October, the Czech government ordered the closure of bars, restaurants, and clubs. At the same time, stay at home orders were reinforced, and schools shifted to distance learning. It comes as a way to curb the fast spread of novel coronavirus cases.

At present, the Czech is experiencing a strong surge in coronavirus cases since the start of September. Reports say that the number of cases jumped from 25,000 to almost 120,000.

The country was able to survive the first wave of the pandemic with fewer cases last summer. However, the recent surge is forcing them to reintroduce safety measures.

Coronavirus-Inspired Dessert Has Ironically Gone Viral In Prague
(Photo : Getty images / Gabriel Kuchta )

Along with most food establishments in Prague, the Black Madonna also experienced difficulties because of the safety measures. 

In one interview, Budnik admitted that she invented the coronavirus-inspired treat to fight a pandemic-fueled slump in business. The cafe was highly dependent on tourists, that it experienced a slump due to the enforced travel restrictions by various countries.

Since its conception, the delicacy has been a massive hit, and its popularity is steadily increasing. 
At present, Budnik said that they could sell over a hundred of them in a day. 

Budnik further noted that she also thinks of other pandemic-inspired masterpieces. She said that she wanted to create a desert-inspired by the COVID-19 vaccine next time. 

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