Coconut Oil on Keto Diet: Is It Good or Bad for You?

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With the popularity of coconut oil on the rise for the past years, is it advisable to use it while on a keto diet?

According to Health Line, the ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet with many similarities with the Atkins and other low carb diets.

Keto diet promotes the process to reduce carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat drastically. Once carbs are reduced, it puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. 

Coconut Oil For Keto Diet: Powerful Way To Boost Ketones
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Once this happens, the body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat and converting it to energy. Additionally, it helps turn fat into ketones in the liver, which supplies energy for the brain. Another benefit it has is to cause significant reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Keto diet is a high-fat diet that many people may inquire if coconut oil can be incorporated into this diet. According to Keto Vale, the short answer is YES! 

Coconut Oil in Keto Diet

As per the American Heart Association, coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids. These MCTs are processed in the body differently than the long-chain fatty acids in vegetable oils.

Coconut oil consists of a fatty acid chain that is much shorter, which makes it easier to break down and the best fat for the keto diet.

Coconut Oil For Keto Diet: Powerful Way To Boost Ketones
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Also, MCTs are sent straight to the liver, where they are immediately processed for energy use and not stored as fat. It is also responsible for putting people in a state called ketosis, which is the purpose of a ketogenic diet.

Moreover, MCTs found in coconut oil have been found to have more significant energy expenditure than LCTs in fats such as vegetable oil. That results in a greater loss of fat tissue and stimulates weight loss.

Furthermore, for those who are having trouble entering ketosis, including MCT-rich coconut oil in your daily diet will help you boost ketones. This instant energy boost will also put your body in a more excellent fat burning environment.

Other Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Aside from being the best fat for the keto diet, coconut oil has other health benefits that many do not know yet.

Weight Loss - It is beneficial for weight loss, especially in the abdominal region. MCTs found in coconut oil help in weight loss in three ways. First, MTCs have lower calories than long-chain fatty acids, making them a healthier alternative to keep a slim waistline.  

Second is their fat-burning properties that boost metabolism. The third is that they are processed straight in the liver and consumed, where they are immediately used as energy.

Anti-aging Properties - Coconut oil improves antioxidant levels, reduces stress on the liver and other organs, and supports the natural detoxification process.

It can be used topically as a skin or hair treatment because of its healing properties. It can also be useful for the gut and improve digestive issues when consumed. As a result, this prevents stress and slows down the aging process.

Controlling Appetite - MCTs can also suppress appetite to help prevent overeating. It can give you a feeling of being full for a more extended period. As a result, this should help keep you satisfied and prevent mindless snacking. 

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