Here's What Breakfast Around the World Looks Like

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What will you feel if you happen to experience breakfast around the world? 

Have you ever thought of what it looks like or if there is a similarity in what you eat from people around the world?

While your parents encourage you to take your breakfast to have sufficient energy throughout the day, Better Health explains that form the name itself, the meal breaks the fasting period and replenishes the body's supply of glucose to boost the energy levels and alertness, alongside providing nutrients that are important for good health.

Breakfast around the World

Here’s What Breakfast Around the World Looks Like
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Workers eat breakfast provided by the farmers who own the pepper fields on September 25, 2020 in Donja Lokosnica, Serbia. On average, in this village in the valley of South Morava, out of 280 households, 250 families are engaged in growing this pepper on an area of about 250 hectares, and about 500 tons of ground peppers are produced annually, though depopulation has decreased the number of homes taking part in the tradition.

While breakfast around the world is an influence of cultural heritage, different countries have their version of their breakfast meal, which can be evidence of giving it importance. 

Here are some of the breakfasts around the world which are also mentioned by Afar that may inspire you to upgrade your dining tables tomorrow morning. 

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Costa Rica

When you find yourself in the middle of Costa Rica Afar said that it is ideal to kickstart the day with a plate of Gallo Pinto, which according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine means painted rooster. Amigo Foods adds that this dish is a mixture of rice and beans.

Afar adds that aside from the Gallo Pinto, eggs, avocado, plantains, and cheese as sides. Amigo Foods furthers that Costa Ricans usually enjoy Spanish-style savory breakfast that is why they sometimes have tortillas, salchichón or sausages, Umatilla or sour cream, fresh fruit, and coffee. 


With the geographical location of Malaysia surrounded by waters, Afar points out that this country boasts a variety of breakfasts from different cultural influences. When you are in the country trying their national dish is a must and Malaysians usually have it for breakfast. 

Rasa Malaysia shares that Nasi Lemak, is composed of coconut milk rice, sambal, fried crispy anchovies, toasted peanuts, and cucumbers. Afar adds that traditionally, this meal is wrapped in a banana leaf making it very portable. 

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

If you are a heavy eater for breakfast, this might not be good for you. According to afar, these Nordic countries are experts in making an open-faced breakfast sandwich. 

Basing on the appearance it is composed of bread, with the topping of your choice. Usually, the spread for these Nordic sandwiches is cold cuts, cured fish, vegetables, cheeses, caviar, fresh berries. 

Afar adds that Denmark uses rye bread as a foundation, and Norway usually uses lefse flat bread. 

United Kingdom

You might have heard "full-English breakfast" and consider it fancy as the name suggests. I am Food Blog shares that this breakfast is composed of bacon, sausages, tomatoes, eggs, toast, mushrooms, and beans all on one plate. 

Afar mentions that with this volume of food, the breakfast will keep you full until the next meal. 


The famous land of the Gods offers a variety of food during breakfast. According to their government's site, Greek breakfast includes traditional yogurt, cold cuts, bread, olives, eggs, pies, warm traditional soup, herbal drinks, and Greek coffee. This roster of foods in the morning may help you with energy throughout the day. 

Getting ready and having your breakfast staple can grow out of you sometimes. Trying this roster of breakfast around the world and making your own may kick your energy throughout the day. 

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