From Lab-grown Meat And Chicken-less Nuggets: Food Innovations That Will Surprise You

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From Lab-grown Meat And Chicken-less Nuggets: Food Innovations That Will Surprise You

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As time passes, evolution is becoming evident with everything that surrounds us. Technological advancements are not just seen through gadgets and devices, but it is now widely used to produce our basic necessities.

At present, we have several food options that are the results of these innovations. From chickenless nuggets to the latest plant milk, there are several food innovations you will be surprised to know existed.

1. Faux Fish

According to Love Food, the makers of this product won a 2017 competition at UC Berkeley Alt: Meat Lab in California and launched alternative faux fish and seafood, including tuna and lobster. This is made from kōji, a fungus prized for its umami flavor.

2. Beer From Bread

A company called Toast Ale has come up with an innovative way to use up leftover bread and make beer in the process. The company sources surplus bread, including scraps and crusts leftover from packaged sandwiches and artisan loaves unsold by bakeries to create ales from it.

3. Egg In A Bottle

This product is the answer Vegan alternative for eggs, which is created by a company based in California called Just Egg. It is said to have the same texture as the real egg but with the absence of cholesterol and is considered more sustainable.

4. Odorless Garlic

For many people, garlic is one of the things they have a love-hate relationship with. They love the flavor it brings to a dish but hates its odor. That is the reason why, according to Garlidoux, they have created the type of garlic that everyone enjoys without having to worry about bad breath or indigestion.

5. Chickenless Nuggets

Will you be happy if you find out your nuggets are chickenless? Well, it seems that several companies are working on producing plant-based nuggets.

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6. Mushroom Hot Chocolate

Mushrooms are becoming the next big thing when it comes to meat alternatives, and this time it could replace hot chocolate as well. The recent launch of hot chocolate with nutrient-rich "functional mushrooms" is led by Laird Superfood.

7. CBD Infused Ice Cream

Although this product is not confirmed, there are many talks all across the country regarding it. In fact, Ben & Jerry's has been poised to bring a CBD-infused tub to the market since spring 2019.

This ice cream product is said to be infused with CBD or cannabidiol, extracted from the hemp plant.

8. Palmini

For those who are fond of pasta but want to explore a healthier option, the Palmini may be the best fit for you. This is made using 100% hearts of palm, which a vegetable harvested from the inner cores of palm trees to create a convincing gluten-free substitute for regular pasta.

9. Lab-grown Dairy

  The first real dairy proteins made without animals were invented by a California start-up, Perfect Day. The company uses microflora and a fermentation process to replicate milk fats.

10. Air Protein

Launched in 2019, according to its website, the company's mission is to feed the planet's growing population with an ultra sustainable solution, which is air-based meat.

This innovation was initially researched by NASA scientists in the 1960s to make food for astronauts but was not developed back then.

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