Ways to Enjoy Leftover Ham after the Holidays

Dec 27, 2020 12:17 AM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Ways to Enjoy Leftover Ham after the Holidays
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Open-face sandwiches of Black Forest ham lie on display for sale at the Green Week (Grüne Woche) agricultural trade fair on January 17, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Green Week will be open to the public from January 17-26.

Aside from roasted turkey, leftover ham after the holidays may be inside your fridge waiting its turn to be reheated and enjoyed by everyone in the family.  

One of the stars of your Christmas dinner, Christmas ham may be one of your holiday menus this Christmas dinner apart from a multitude of foods you set every Christmas eve. 

But because of so much food, people tend to send leftovers inside the fridge to preserve them instead of disposing of them. 

It is remembered that recently China has announced its clean plate policy to avoid so much food getting into food bins and wasted. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that about 30-40 percent of the food supply is estimated to be from food waste. 

Knowing that, with Christmas Hams, there is no waste because a bunch of dishes can be made from leftover hams. 

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Leftover Ham Ideas

Houston Press shares that no matter what the celebration is, hams are guaranteed to have leftovers, no matter how many participants are present at the dinner. 

Food Network mentions several ideas when it comes to transforming the humble leftover hams into something phenomenal such as soup, casserole, salad, and even pizza.

Instead of mixing the ham from different dishes, why don't you try to innovate and upgrade your traditional leftover ham into something that your family will enjoy? 


Sandwiches are very easy to make and are very considerate of the time. According to The Takeout, a good sandwich starts with good bread which is available from the grocery stores. Yahoo! life adds that whipping out the best condiments from your fridge can enhance the taste of your leftover sandwich. 

The Takeout adds that whipping out some cream cheese and chopped herbs and some spices from the pantry may level up your sandwich meal. 

Breakfast meal

Ham for breakfast is never wrong. Houston Press mentions that frying ham slices, over the butter slathered on a pan, will make them crispy. They add that putting scrambled on the side and thick butter toast from leftover bread is a wonderful way to celebrate the first morning after the Christmas dinner. 

Breakfast Hash

When you hear has, potatoes might pop from your brains. Yahoo! life points out that making hash from leftover potatoes from the Christmas dinner or even takeout. The Takeout points out that there are few rules in making hash and making it crispy is the key to making it. 


Often known as sophisticated and quite challenging to concoct, Yahoo! life notes that quiches are easy to make. According to The Timeout, baking a store-bought pie crust, then adding in vegetables of choice, cheese, and of course chopped ham, and pouring the custard made from whipping an egg and a cup of milk will turn these hams into something else. They add that baking it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until it's jiggly for 40 minutes will make the quiche enjoyed by the whole family. 

Utilizing skills and making use of the internet can turn a simple leftover ham from the holidays into something exciting for breakfast or even a snack. Doing these will lessen food wastes and maximize the dishes you have prepared before your Christmas dinner. 

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