It’s A Hot One! Carlos Santana Launched His Own Coffee Brand

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Celebrities often venture to other businesses outside of showbiz once they achieve stability. From clothing, makeup to restaurants and cafes, anything is possible for them as long as it sparks their interest. According to Delish, the iconic guitarist Carlos Santana is the latest celebrity to jump into the food and beverage industry.

It’s A Hot One! Carlos Santana Launched His Own Coffee Brand
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Related reports from Food and Wine revealed that the famous guitarist's company is called The Carlos Santana Coffee Company. The iconic musician is delivering hand-crafted, premium, fresh-roasted blends that are guaranteed to soothe the soul. His company has partnered with a 90-year-old 4th generation importer, roaster, and packaging company established in 1930.

The Carlos Santana Coffee Company primarily aims to create a line of premium coffees using high-quality beans from across the globe. A statement posted on the company's website declares that all of their coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced, and each bag is fresh-roasted.


Currently, the company carries six blends, many of which are named after Santana hits. Among them is called the "Smooth Blend," which is a medium roast with beans from Indonesia, Central, and South America. In addition, other blends include Essential Santana Blend, which is a light/medium roast, and the Global Consciousness Blend, which is a medium roast. As for dark roasts blends, they offer the Oye Como Va Blend, Evil Ways Blend, and Power of Peace Fair-Trade Certified Blend. Additionally, each blend is available in caffeinated and decaffeinated versions. All of these six varieties are currently priced at $20 per 12-ounce bag, which is considered a bit on the expensive side for blends with unusual origins. However, this price is to serve a good cause. According to Communicaffee, Santana established his coffee company to help raise money for the Milagro Foundation. Reports revealed that this is a charity he helped establish which supports vulnerable and underrepresented children and youth in the fields of arts, education, and health.

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A portion of every coffee purchase and merchandise will be donated to the Milagro Foundation. A unique line of Carlos Santana Coffee Company merchandise, which includes hoodies, T-shirts, and a hat, is available for purchase on their website. However, at present, these exclusive blends are only available online.

Meanwhile, the famous musician promoted his brand and company through a video he posted on YouTube. He didn't go into the details about the product but explained how his new business would be able to help the Milagro Foundation. In the video, he stated that he believes that life is a miracle and that children everywhere deserve every opportunity to lead safe, healthy, and educationally creative lives.

He also expressed gratitude for the partnership with Icon Global Coffee. He explained that with each cup of coffee, they would make a significant difference in the world and say, 'Wake up and smell the future!'

As a musician, Carlos Santana's career began in 1969 when his band released their self-titled debut, Santana. Over the years, he was able to sell millions of records in the span of three decades. However, his biggest hit came in 1999 when he released Supernatural album with its breakout single, Smooth.

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