If You Have this Meat in Your Freezer, Get Rid of it Right Away

Dec 29, 2020 08:30 PM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Check Your Freezers, if you Have this Meat get rid of it
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Beef is portioned into bamboo baskets prepared to distribute during celebrations for Eid al-Adha or the 'Festival of Sacrifice' amid the Coronavirus pandemic on July 31, 2020 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid Al-Adha, to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim's readiness to sacrifice his son as a sign of his obedience to God, during which they sacrifice permissible animals, generally goats, sheep, and cows.

When grocery shopping, getting products like meat might be on your grocery shopping list. To save time and energy, you probably stock up on a variety of foods and store them in your freezers so that when you need them, you just have to thaw them out then proceed cooking.

You may have also tried to avoid the Christmas and New Year's rush in the grocery store that due to y you might have some meat products in your fridge to save you from the hassle of diving into so many people amid pandemic. 

But did you know that the Christmas and New year's rush is not the only thing you need to be cautious of? BGR reports that the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issues a recall for meat products from a food company based in Philadelphia. 

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FSIS Meat recall

According to the recall bulletin from FSIS, CLS Gourmet CL Saigon Food Company from Philadelphia recalls approximately 128,841 pounds of several meat products that are produced without undergoing federal inspection. 

MSN adds that the variety of meat products are both precooked and raw meat products. The news site notes that the variety of products included in the recall is large and some of the meat was sold dating back to April of 2020. 

To be exact, BGR mentions that the meat products are distributed by the company between April 29 and December 5.

With that vast interlude, this only means that there is a chance that any of the meat products that are issued for a recall might be sitting in your freezers waiting to be cooked this coming New Year's Eve. 

According to MSN, the problem was discovered when various products from CL Saigon Food Co. are labeled with marks of inspection were observed in the commerce of a retail market. They add that the FSIS directed surveillance which made them conclude that the firm is distributing amenable meat products. 

Products Subject for Recall

BGR points out that the FSIS has not received any reports for health reactions to the meat products. However, they add that it is not safe to say that the meat is still safe for consumption. 

Since the interval of the meat being distributed is quite long, FSIS reminds you that the meat products are needed to be checked in your freezers. 

The FSIS alert mentions 15 and 30 oz of flavored cooked and uncooked meat products with fish sauce and anchovy flavored fish sauce.

They add that the packaging of the products is composed of the poly casing and saran wrap with an indication of keeping refrigerated and refreeze in their labels. 

For complete details of the meat products, FSIS provided images of the products themselves. 

MSN mentions that the group asks the masses to dispose of the meat products or return them t where they purchase the meat for safety. 

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