Costa Coffee Offers 50% off the Entire Menu and Unveils New Vegan Options

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Surprise! Costa Coffee gives a 50% discount on all Their Menu Items Until February 3, 2021, with a new vegan option in their menu
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A branded Costa Coffee mug in this arranged photo at a Costa Costa coffee shop on August 31, 2018 in London, England. Coca-Cola Co. is to buy the U.K. chain Costa Coffee for £3.9 billion GBP, ($5.1 billion USD).

Famous coffee brand Costa Coffee in the United Kingdom welcomes the new year with a 50 percent discount that applies to all food purchases in their menu items, including their new vegan options.

Prima reports that the brand's brilliant offering is anchored for key workers who deserve the treat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Yahoo! Style adds that the offer is also a great "pick me up" if an individual resides close to the coffee shop or you happen to pass by during a walk. 

The Daily Star notes that Costa Coffee has announced that the discount offer, which will run until Feb. 3, is only available for pick up through mobile ordering, from Monday to Wednesday.

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Costa Coffee Vegan options

Since more and more people are getting into plant-based flexitarian diets, restaurants and food brands are working their best to cater to their customers who became fans of plant-based dishes and meals.

Recently in the United Kingdom, Prima notes that Costa Coffee debuts their Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Pastry Roll, which features roasted butternut squash and red onion in a vegan puff pastry.

Daily Star adds that Costa Coffee also offers Vegan Smoky Ham and Cheese Toastie, and their new Vegan BBQ Chicken Panini. Yahoo! Style notes that the Vegan BBQ Chicken Panini is made with faux chicken pieces with Texan style barbecue sauce and spinach covered in a sourdough panini that was stone baked.

Another addition to their menu is their collaboration with Heinz beans, naming the meal Beanz and Cheese Toastie that encompasses mature cheddar cheese and, of course, the Heinz baked beans. 

Prima also highlights the brand's new breakfast item, including free-range egg, mushroom, spinach bap, the fat-free Greek-style natural yogurt with mixed berry, and the free-range egg and smoked bacon baguette

Yahoo! Style adds that non-vegans can try the brand's ultimate breakfast wrap encased in a tortilla wrap, which has beechwood smoked bacon and Cumberland sausage.

The last to the menu's addition is the caramel muffin made with chocolate chunks and biscuit balls filled with choco-caramel sauce. That means that Costa Coffee ups their game in welcoming 2021, dedicated to giving their patrons and customers a new experience with their new menu items.

Costa Coffee in the U.S.

It can be remembered that Costa Coffee made its debut in the U.S. market when the UK-based brand brought the coffee robot brand Briggo back in 2020. 

According to World Coffee Portal, this is a savvy move for Costa Coffee to acquire a digitally integrated automated coffee business in the U.S. where COVID-19 continues to surge.

With Costa Coffee's discount and new vegan menu options, British people will enjoy the coffee and food items for half the price until Feb. 3, which is an excellent deal amid a pandemic.

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