Brace Yourself for 3 New Additions in Starbucks Winter Menu This 2021

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Brace Yourself because Starbucks has 3 new Addition to Their Winter Menu This 2021
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A Starbucks cafe stands inside the main departures hall at the new Berlin Brandenburg BER airport during the coronavirus pandemic on October 19, 2020 in Schoenefeld, Germany. The new airport is scheduled to begin operation on October 31 despite the current sharp rise in Covid-19 infections. The airport will serve both the city of Berlin and the surrounding region.

Nothing goes wrong with your favorite cup of joe from Starbucks especially when you want to try their featured drink of the season, just like their winter menu. To Jumpstart the year 2021 with energy and sweetness, the famous brand announces 3 new addition to their winter menu, that fans will surely try.

Every year, brands tend to get used to the start and end of the year to announce something in hopes that their patrons will surely enjoy it. In the dining league, certain brands like McDonald's will release new items for their menu. In the avenue of coffee, Starbucks is well known for the variety of flavors they offer.

My Friends Coffee mentions Seattle Business Magazine saying that as of 2018, was operating in 76 countries. This is only an indication that the coffee chain is getting bigger and more people are becoming fans of what they offer. That is why it is no surprise that the brand will release a new set of items for their patrons to enjoy.

Starbucks new menu

The 3 new addition to Starbuck's winter menu this early in 2021, are a pair of drinks and a new breakfast meal. Because of this, you might see a queue of people waiting for their turn to get a hold of these 3 new items, so better get ready and of course, maintain social distancing and your masks while waiting.

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Starbucks Breakfast

Eat This Not That reports that the new breakfast item is called Kale and Portabella Mushroom Sous Vide Egg Bites. As sophisticated as the name sounds, MSN notes that this meal has 230 calories, 14 grams fat, 180-milligram sodium, 11 grams carbs, and 15 grams protein, which can be achieved every two bites.

Quite heavy for a breakfast but if you are looking for something to supply your energy for the day you may eat this. Eat This Not That adds that the meal is a healthful option for someone who wants to kickstart the day with a meal that is bite-sized and has a velvety texture.

Starbucks New Drinks

Brace Yourself because Starbucks has 3 new Addition to Their Winter Menu This 2021
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A photo illustration of a beverage from Starbucks in Hedge End, Southampton after the store reopens for take away on May 15, 2020 in Southampton, England . The prime minister announced the general contours of a phased exit from the current lockdown, adopted nearly two months ago in an effort curb the spread of Covid-19.

Starbucks will also add to its menu, 2 new beverages that can accompany you through the chill you are feeling. MSN highlights Pistachio Latte and Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew that will be available on the counters.

Eat This Not That notes that the Pistachio Latte encompasses 320 calories, 9 grams fat, 310-milligram sodium, 12 grams protein, and 48 grams carbs per grande. They add that that this latte was never been done by the brand using their signature espresso.

Meanwhile, MSN adds that the Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew has 50 calories, 0.5 gram of fat, 25-milligram sodium, 11-gram carbs, and 0-gram protein per grande, this low calorie and low-sugar option might be a favorite among those who are on a diet restriction.

The 3 new addition to Starbuck's winter menu this early in 2021 is now available for order and can now be enjoyed by their patrons and customers.

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