Burger King Launches New Logo After 20 Years as Part of Enormous Rebranding

Jan 08, 2021 06:17 AM EST | By Josh Summers (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Burger King's new logo is part of their massive rebranding after 20 years. Business Insider reports that the logo is only a part of the fast-food chain's rebranding, embracing a more classic look that emphasizes their famous Whooper.

Press Form shares the words of the brand's Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Machado, stating that the blue part of the previous logo was removed because there is no blue food. He adds that buns don't shine, meaning that the elements of the logo that was removed have no relevance.

Burger King New Logo

After 20 Years, Burger King Launches Their New Logo as Part of Their Enormous Rebranding, are we ready for it?
(Photo : Naomi Baker)
A general view of a sign for the Burger King drive-through in Havant, their first branch to reopen during coronavirus lockdown on May 01, 2020 in Havant, Portsmouth. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who returned to Downing Street this week after recovering from Covid-19, said the country needed to continue its lockdown measures to avoid a second spike in infections.

Machado adds in an interview with Business Insider that they replaced the logo because their logo felt old and was from the time when the design characteristics are still trendy. For the new logo, he notes that the burger chain improved the proportions and font to make the classic design aesthetically pleasing and modern.

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Press Form notes that the new logo also features the burger chain's classic look, putting the restaurant name in between the burger buns, which was the original look of the fast-food chain's logo. 

In Yahoo! News, Machado also cites the font used in the logo, which he described as yummy and gooey (maybe comparing it to the cheeses in their sandwich when served). 

Yahoo! News also described the color palette used in the rebranding as inspired by the famous Whooper, which features green, red, chocolate brown, white, and mustard yellow. They even apply to some of their public posts on their Instagram account.

Other parts of Burger King's Rebranding


The logo is not the only one that will get a makeover for the brand's new look and feel. Press Form notes that Insider was able to glimpse the inside of the brand's first restaurant featuring the new design through the use of a virtual tour in Miami.

Business Insider notes that customers will see the new look to all of the burger chain's restaurants. But not for now because the Burger King corporate plans a protracted integration over the next few years.

As part of the rebranding, Burger King will also have the uniforms of their crew re-modeled echoing the new logo and whooper color palette, according to Yahoo! News.

However, they emphasize that the said uniform will vary depending on where the store is situated, like country and store location. It will also include options like several types of jackets and t-shirts. 

Press Form adds that the same principle will apply to their packaging. However, Machado says in his interview that franchises can use up what they have instead of letting them go to waste.

With Burger King's new logo and rebranding, the number of their customers will still define if what they did impact their patrons, especially when competition among burger chains is just getting started. 

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WATCH: A walk on the Burger King's New Restaurant Design 

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