KFC and Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative in China

Jan 08, 2021 09:30 AM EST | By Kristine M. (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Yum China Holdings (Yum China) announced a series of plastic reduction and environmentally friendly packaging initiatives launched in China.

According to Business Chief Asia, Yum China Holdings, Inc., the brand operating KFC and Pizza Hut in China, has launched a raft of plastic reduction and sustainable packaging initiatives across its brands. Part of their initiative will be replacing plastic packaging with paper straws, paper bags, and biodegradable plastic bags.

Related reports from FoodBev stated that Yum China expects to see a reduction of approximately 8,000 tons in non-degradable plastics annually starting this year. Also, the company drafted initiatives that are in line with China's latest regulations, at the same time, aligning with its company-wide packaging strategy.

China's Plastic Ban Regulations

China is one of the world's biggest waste producers, with 81.8 million tonnes of plastic waste generated last year. Early in 2020, Shanghai started prohibiting non-biodegradable plastic bags for food packaging and delivery services. This initiative was extended to shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, and exhibition halls. 

KFC And Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative In China
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Tsinghua University's School of Environment Professor Liu Jianguo stated that banning the use of plastic straws is a good first step. It would send a clear message to consumers and the public to cut down reliance on plastic products.

It paved the way for the local government to impose regulations to ban plastic straws, plates, and cutlery from reducing the country's volume of waste. 

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KFC China's Be Natural, Be You Campaign

Recently, KFC China launched its Be Natural, Be You campaign, a sustainability program to enhance environmental protection awareness. This campaign also encourages consumers to start a more sustainable lifestyle. 

At present, KFC China no longer uses plastic straws, with over 90 percent of outlets replacing disposable plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery. Additionally, 50 percent of their outlets will be using paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags instead of non-degradable plastic bags. 

By the end of 2025, KFC China expects that all of its outlets in Mainland China will phase out non-degradable plastic bags and cutlery. 

Pizza Hut China Sustainability Initiative

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut China started eliminating plastic straws in all restaurants in mainland China in the later part of 2020.

Plastic bags have also been replaced with paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags in over 70 percent of its outlets. The food chain's goal is to eliminate the use of non-degradable bags by the end of 2022. 

Yum China's Regulatory Adherence

The latest actions made by KFC and Pizza Hut reflect Yum China's company-wide packaging strategy to reduce disposable packaging from the source. All of which is possible with the use of new solutions, materials, and innovative technologies. 

Also, a part of Yum China's strategy is ensuring that customer-facing, plastic-based packaging is recyclable. Additionally, the company revealed that they would refuse to purchase products from suppliers that cause deforestation.

According to Yum China's CEO Joey Wat, the company's new initiatives reinforce the sustainability strategy to drive meaningful change through packaging innovation and reduction. 

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