Chipotle's Drive Through Service 'Chipotlane' Offers Online-Only Services

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Chipotle Levels up their Drive Through Service' Chipotlane' by investing in online-only services to complement their competitors
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A Chipotle restaurant is seen on March 5, 2014 in Miami, Florida. The Mexican fast food chain is reported to have tossed around the idea that it would temporarily suspend sales of guacamole due to an increase in food costs.

Chipotle, one of the famous burrito places in the United States, moves on their drive-through service Chipotlane, in response to their competitors' various drive-through services this 2021.

With the emergence of COVID-19, fast food brands are investing in ways to make a bridge between them and their customers and enjoy their meals even in the middle of the pandemic. Various restaurants resort to delivery and pick-up service since federal authorities require social distancing inside their restaurants.

Moreover, the drive-through services of famous brands help them survive the food industry, this time in the middle of a situation that people are not fully allowed to operate regularly because the customers' safety should be the priority of fast-food chains.

Chipotle automation

Now to hop on with the trend where drive through rules, Chipotle invests in a drive through and digital technology to get the upper hand in the pickup set-up that is effective in the middle of the pandemic. MSN reports that the brand is now upping their game by using their mobile app that promises faster and more efficient ordering of your favorite menu.

MSN adds that the app's focus is making mobile and delivery orders, making the brand announce that there are plans of hiring 10,000 new employees that will handle the digital sales starting this summer.

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It can be remembered that CEO Brian Niccol shared with CNBC that it only takes 12 seconds to get the food when someone pulls up in their car because the order is entirely made and paid in advance alongside the prepping of the whole order. Forbes notes that the Chipotlanes made their debut in 2019 and is currently installed nationwide in many of their restaurants.

MSN also notes that the brand is investing the online-only order and that the brand plans to double its locations with Chipotlanes.

How does Chipotle app work?

MSN shares that store locations with Chipotlanes will also be given the nearest Chipotle in the area upon opening the app. They add that after selecting the particular area you will be ordering from, Chipotle's menu will be shown to choose from. After that, the customer can choose either the pickup of the order will be in the drive-through itself or inside the restaurant, and even choose the pickup time so that the food will be ready when you get there.

They add that pickup counters (like shelves) are also installed inside the restaurant for a contactless transaction, which is very safe for people to avoid COVID-19 contraction. Movements like this are smart to raise both the security and safety of their customers and the sales that were affected because of the quarantine season. Restaurant Business notes that Chipotle opened their mobile pick up lane or Chipotlane, making more people enjoy their contactless transactions.

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