The Best Waffle Restaurants in the US (2021)

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Attention, Waffle Enthusiast! Here are the Best Waffle Restaurants From Other States
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A view of the lavender waffles being served during Greenmarket Brunch presented by Lifeway Kefir hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian at The Biergarten at The Standard on October 14, 2017 in New York City.

Waffles may be one of the most famous breakfast staples for Americans, offering their distinct fluffy and sweet taste. Just the thought of it makes you spark joy and excitement, especially when paired with eggs and bacon. Because of this, you might have your favorite waffle restaurant in your place that you constantly visit every time you want a snuggle from the smoking hot freshly made waffles in the morning.

But let's say you are in a different place because of a vacation or even a job-related trip, and you suddenly have a craving for a warm slice of waffle, then that poses a dilemma. When you search online for the best waffle restaurant, different restaurants will pop out of the feed. To help you with that, we've compiled the waffle restaurants that might suit your palate, that you will find in different states in America.

Alabama: Foxy's Waffle Bar and Sugar Den

This waffle restaurant situated in Dauphin Island uniquely serves its waffle. According to Love Food, the waffles from this restaurant have been described by their patrons and customers to be the best on Dauphin Island. Love Food notes that the enticing presentation of bite-size pieces pancakes in a basket-like nachos with many toppings to choose from. The place is well known for its Nutella-strawberries and caramel toppings, so why don't you try it out?

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Florida: Metro Diner

Who says breakfast waffles can't be savory? That is not Metro Diner, which offers their waffle and chicken combo. In a Spoon University report, this restaurant located in Jacksonville was featured in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was voted best in some categories in Bold City Best, which happened in 2015. They add that their diner's favorite is the fried chicken and waffle, which features strawberry butter on top of the waffles and their famous sweet and spicy sauce.

Illinois: Wildberry Pancakes and Café

Do you love berries every morning? This café located in Chicago may be the right place for you. Insider notes that a yelp user left a review saying that the café's Wildberry Belgium waffle is delicious. SO why not try the combo when nothing goes wrong with berries on top of waffles.

California: More Than Waffles

Love Food shares this restaurant in Encino was established way back in 1975 and has built its reputation in the waffle business. Love Food notes that the place specializes in gaufres, thick, light, and airy waffles popular in Belgium. Love Food recommends trying their Baconutella that has Nutella and Bacon bits if you love sweets and Hash Benedict with Corned beef, which as two poached eggs and hollandaise.

Indiana: Café Patachou

If you want to indulge with waffles while helping people, you have to check out Café Patachou. Spoon University notes that this local restaurant partners with Patachou Foundation to prepare food and volunteers form the staff community for children affected by homelessness and hunger in the area. Spoon University adds that this restaurant offers the classic or gluten-free waffles with cinnamon sugar and warmed syrup or their Southern-style sweet-grilled cheese waffle.

Whether you like waffles for breakfast and snacks, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy them, just as how much they were prepared. If you happen to be in the mentioned states, why not try these waffle restaurants and testify to the waffle goodness they offer.

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