This New Coffee With 1 Billion Live Probiotics Comes With Many Health Benefits

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STUDY: This New Coffee Has a Hefty and Serious Health Benefits
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A general view of a cup of coffee inside a Marks & Spencer cafe as they reopen for takeaways on May 14, 2020 in Kingston upon Thames, England. Marks & Spencer cafes have been closed since 18 March, today saw their reopening in 49 stores across the UK.

Drinking your favorite cup of joe is something you might be doing for a long time now to sustain and give you a jumpstart before going to your desk and diving into your work. Coffee has indeed joined us for a very long time, whether it's work, school, or you want to take a sip to relax.

Your love for coffee will be more prominent when researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) give a healthy twist to their New Coffee concoction with health benefits that you will love.

Several studies have linked coffee to the health benefits it can offer (even without the new addition by NUS). According to John Hopkins Medicine, coffee can make an individual live longer, process the glucose in the body better, less like to develop heart disease and Parkinson's Disease which is impressive and a more vital DNA. This only means that coffee is not just a hot beverage, but more to it.

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NUS New Coffee

According to NUS' press release, two doctoral students from the NUS Food and Science Technology concocted not only coffee but also a probiotic tea and will benefit gut health. Eat This Not That notes that the beverage they made is packed with 1 billion units of live probiotics that can be stored at room temperature for more than 14 weeks without affecting its efficacy.

Yahoo! Life adds that the research goal is to cater to beneficial bacteria to those who undergo a plant-based diet who can't consume dairy products. It is a new option for people who love to finish the probiotic drink but is lactose intolerant and has an allergy to dairy.

Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan notes that most commercially available probiotic drinks do not undergo the fermentation process in their university's release. Still, their team ferments their beverage to produce healthy compounds that can improve nutrient digestibility without affecting the tea and coffee's health benefits.

Eat This Not That shares that the team concocts varieties of coffee, and coffee creator Alcine Chan share with them that some of their probiotic coffee gives a balanced acidity, some provide better mouth feels, some emit a deeper smoky flavor, and some can retain the coffee flavor better after long-term storage.

NUS' release also points out that the caffeine in the coffee is not affected in the process; that is why people who drink coffee for the caffeine can still drink it.

Probiotics and gut health

Professor of nutrition from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health shares with Harvard Medical School that probiotics work in a supporting role of keeping the entire gut running smoothly and effectively.

Harvard Medical School adds that the probiotics promote good bacteria while keeping the bad at bay. This means that probiotics prevent you from having diarrhea and other gut problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome of IBS.

With the New Coffee discovery, the health benefits of probiotics can land on people who can't eat dairy where most probiotic products are. Imagine having a cup of coffee for the caffeine, its health benefits, and now with the probiotics, that would be a fantastic jumpstart every morning.

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WATCH: Health Benefits of Coffee from Mayo Clinic 

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