Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Are Scamming You

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Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Are Scamming You
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Fast-food restaurants are now in every corner of the community nowadays, and working people love its convenience. Aside from the fact that their meals are on-the-go, they give you satisfaction and ease your hunger.

Even with our trust and our patronage, fast food restaurants somehow scam us in many ways.

You might be thinking that they would not do that but, they do exist. It is essential to get to know hoe w these fast-food chains trick us, especially that we are very critical and on the lookout for people who try to trick us in the present day.

Here are the fast-food scams that exist and you should know about.

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French Fry Carton trick

Nothing gets better with a carton full of French fries that goes well with your burger. But did you know that what you think is not many?

Mashed notes that former employees of a famous fast-food chain that confesses on Reddit about the trick are instructed to make the carton of fries look fuller. Twisted adds that the employees share how they inch the packet the right way to create the illusion of full fries.

Questionable calories

If you're on a diet, then you have to be wary of the calorie information the fast-food chains are giving you.

Be Amazed mentions a case in 2016 where three people accused Chipotle of misleading them with their Churizzo burrito's calorie information, which, according to them, says 300 calories.

However, in reality, the 300 that is stated is the calorie count of the meat only, and once all the other parts are added, the whole thing possesses a thousand calories. Chipotle has to pay 5,000 dollars for each of the plaintiffs.

Container sizes

Mashed shares that a Redditor warned the people that the cup of soup and soup bowl is the same sizes in concern that people would pay more even with the same amount.

However, more people testified and emphasize that some of the fast-food chains are doing it, and they discovered it when they pour water on the cup and bowl, and they are the same.

Fake Grill marks

This is a big deal when it comes to burgers to know if it's freshly cooked or reheated. They add that some fast-food chains use a brand with grill marks to make their customers feel they are eating premium beef even though they are not.

Fake Tracker

If you do not have the time to go to the store, you might be utilizing their delivery service with a tracker. The tracker is based on the regular wait times because crews usually do not have the time to sit on their computer and update the tracker.

The most food trackers are like screen savers to assure their customers that their food is coming at some point.

Fast-food restaurants may serve good food, but it doesn't mean that we should be complacent about getting our food. These scam practices are proof that we should be wary and know how to get our money's worth whenever we order at their joint.

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