Microwaving Hot Peppers Makes Eyes Burn? Beware of These 4 Microwave Dangers

Feb 23, 2021 07:36 AM EST | By Erika Dee (staff@foodworldnews.com)


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Microwaving food sounds like a no-brainer, but experts claimed that there is a proper way to do it. They also claimed that there are many common mistakes that ordinary folks are committing when microwaving so they end up with foods that might not be properly heated or wrekcing their own appliances. 

Below are four microwaving mistakes that can be potentially dangerous. 

Heating Everything on the Plate Can Lead to Indigestion

Piling all sorts of foods onto one plate and placing it on the microwave does not make all the foods completely heated. Some will end up being overheated while others underheated. Eating either overheated or underheated foods can have negative health implications. 

According to Chef and TV personality Amy Riolo, microwaving multiple types of food at once is a bad idea. She told Insider that each type of food should be heated on its own. Doing otherwise is lazy and potentially dangerous to one's health.

Microwaving in Smooth Glass Can Lead to Burns 

According to Jim Mumford, professional chef and former nuclear engineer, microwaving water in a smooth glass can risk burns. 

He delivered the science behind that statement, explaining that the boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. But for water to actually boil and form bubbles, it has to contact with an uneven surface, which a smooth glass naturally does not have.

If one insists on microwaving using smooth glass, an accident is likely to ensue, Mumford argued. "It won't boil until you agitate it by removing it from the microwave, causing a violent reaction."

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Microwaving with WRONG Storage Covers Can Leach Chemicals

Even if a container is made for microwaving, certain lids can lead chemicals into the food when in contact with heat. 

"Food microwaved with the wrong type of cover can leach chemicals" Jessica Randhawa, head chef at the popular The Forked Spoon, said. She said it can possibly trap the steam and this is also not good for the quality and safety of the food. 

The USDA has already issued a warning against the use of commercial cold-storage containers or their lids to cover or hold microwaved food because of this very reason.

Styrofoam is essentially the same.

Styrofoam is lightweight and usually can be considered great at insulating foods, but this material is not advisable to cover or holld food that are to be microwaved. Styrofoam can decompose and then once that happens, the plastic molecules can go to the foods. That's poisoning waiting to happen. 

Microwave Hot Peppers? Don't Even think About it!

Microwaving hot peppers sounds like a cool TikTok challenge, but it can be quite harmful to do.

According to ex-professional chef Heloise Bouse, microwaving hot peppers can lead to unpleasant fumes. Bouse says when the fumes fill up the kitchen, there is a high possibility that this can burn one's eyes and that would not feel nowhere good. 

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