These Ice Cream for Dogs Will Make Your Fur Babies Drool

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Dogs and Ice Cream

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Going out for ice cream can be quite therapeutic, especially if you are with your pet dog. More so when the two of you have been cooped up for so long indoors because of the cold outside. Now that the weather is finally warming up, an ice cream trip is probably a great idea. If you are saddened by the thought that you cannot share your ice cream with your pooch, however, do not fret.

Ice Cream for Dogs? This St. Louis Ice Cream Shop Has the Perfect Treats

Clementine's Creamery is aware of this, and it is apparent that it made the decision to use cane sugar. It may have been the perfect solution to that problem, as reported by

The renowned ice cream place, known across the nation as the place for boozy and electrifying flavors, has released a new line of dog-friendly, artisan flavors, which it calls the pup-cups. Ban the Instagram post they made in announcing the newest offering. The said pup-cups are created through a partnership with Kansas City-based Mixed Mutt Creamery.

The pup cups come in three cool flavors. Dogs are certainly in for a treat with these.

The flavors are banana peanut butter cream, the barking maple bacon, as well as blueberry YumYum. All flavors are made of lactose-free whole milk, which is safer for dogs. 


The banana peanut butter is made of lactose-free whole milk, peanuts, cane sugar, gelatin, banana, water, organic chamomile, and salt. On the other hand, the nicely-named flavor, barking maple bacon is just that - milk, sugar, gelatin, bacon flavoring, and some organic California poppies and salt. 

Lastly, the blueberry yumyum has the usual ingredients like the two other flavors, and then natural vanilla flavor, organic blueberries and organic calendula flowers. 

Pup Cups Proceeds Go to Stray Rescue

The owner of the ice cream shop also gives back. With each purchase of a pup cup through the month of March, the shop will be donating $.50 to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. 

A quick research of whether dogs can eat ice cream shows that high amounts of this sugary treat are not likely to do dogs good. However, the explanations revolve around lactose not being good for dogs. The fact that pup cups are made of lactose-free whole milk makes it safe for dogs.

According to The Spruce Pets, ice cream is not really a healthy snack option for dogs. The occasional little amount of vanilla ice cream or raspberry sorbet probably would not make a dog sick and due for a vet's visit. Even so, ice cream shouldn't be a regular treat for dogs. No matter how well your dogs can eat, adult dogs don't have stomachs that are really ready to handle lactose properly, which can be potentially dangerous. 

Experts also claimed that the high levels of sugar in ice cream are also not healthy for dogs. Even "sugarless" ice cream is dangerous because xylitol can be poisonous to dogs. In fact, ice cream with any sort of artificial sweetener is probably a no-go for all types of pups. Clementine's Creamery seems to be aware of that, which is why it chooses to use cane sugar. 

"Stop by one of our scoop shops on your walk today to treat yourself and your pup! We will have limited quantities to start, but more coming soon," Clementine's promises. 

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