GM Salmon Company Pending Approval By FDA, Scrutinized More Over Regulatory Failures

Nov 03, 2014 07:15 PM EST | By ABC

A GM Salmon company, AquaBounty Technologies, has been fined by the government of Panama over numbers of permit and regulatory failures.  AquaBounty is a biotechnology firm in the U.S. that is seeking approval to the very first genetically modified Salmon in the world.

 The fine issued by Panama to AquaBounty was due to their failure to comply with the necessary permits including water use and water discharge needed for their Panama facility. The company was also seen with allegedly above numbers of total coliform bacteria.

AquaBounty at present is seeking approval with the U.S. government to grant their application to sell genetically modified salmon fillets.  If their application will be approved, the company will be the first company worldwide to sell a genetically modified meat intended for human consumption.

The GM Salmon company's pending approval to the U.S. is a significant indication for companies all over the world whether to pursue or not with their genetically modified projects.

"AquaBounty is really out front on this - the current case will set an important precedent," Dana Perls, a food technology campaigner at Friends of the Earth advises IPS News. She added there are about 35 other genetically modified products that are waiting for the result of AquaBounty's approval.

This time, the GM Salmon company will serve as a model whether they will continue with their projects.  Perls says, if AquaBounty will not be approved, it means there's no place for other GM meat or GM seafood in the global market.

Luisa Arauz Arredondo, Panama Centre for Environmental Advocacy attorney, who filed the administrative complaint against GM Salmon company AquaBounty, told IPS News "The impacts GM foods will have on health and the environment have not been sufficiently assessed to approve human consumption of this salmon."

With the issue on GM Salmon Company, AquaBounty, top U.S. grocery retailers including Safeway, Kroger and Target have already agreed not to sell AquaBounty salmons even if it will be approved by the FDA.

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