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Having Younger Siblings Linked to Lower Obesity Rates

A study found that children with younger siblings tend to have lower chances of becoming obese.

Sydneysiders Flock To Fishmarkets At Christmas Time

Excessive Consumption of Fish during Pregnancy Results in Child Obesity

A recent research review reveals that the consumption fish more than three times a week during pregnancy by women will lead to obesity problems in their kids in the future.

Chinese Students Attend Summer Camp For Overweight Kids

Fat Cartoon Characters May Fuel Obesity Epidemic – Children Eat More Junk Food Because Of Garfield, Homer Simpson

For decades, concerned parents have warned about the violence shown on animated shows directed at children, but a new study has shown that this may not be the bigger problem when it comes to what the young one watch, but rather the influence fat cartoon characters have on them - as being exposed to overweight characters makes children eat unhealthily.

Fried Food is Bad for Us? Absolutely Not!

TV Viewing Linked with Poor Snacking Habits and Heart Disease in Children

Researchers found that students who watch at least two hours of television per day are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease than students who spend an equal amount of time surfing the Internet or playing video games.


Toddlers Who Sleep Less at Greater Risk for Obesity: Snooze to Lose

Is your child at risk for obesity? He might be if he sleeps less than ten hours a day.

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Parent Behaviors Raise Obesity Risk in Infants

Could you be setting up your child for obesity? That might be the case. Researchers found that behaviors linked to high obesity risk are common among parents of 2-month-olds.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Announces Plans to Remove Junk Food and Sugary Drink Advertisements From Schools

First lady Michelle Obama unveiled a proposal Tuesday that would restrict the marketing of certain junk foods and sugary drinks in schools.

Obese Children

Childhood Obesity Rates Plummet for Children

It turns out that a third of Americans are still obese, but it's not all bad news. Obesity rates have dropped for young children.

Obese Children

Parents Play Major Role in Children's Obesity

Scientists have discovered that parents can play a huge role in their child's risk for obesity, revealing that it may be possible to help stop the tide of obesity through parent behavior.


Nestle, Coca Cola Trying to Decrease Obesity

There are a few major companies hoping to decrease the percentage of obesity; one of them being Nestle. Nestle is the nation's leading chocolate company that has dedicated a part of their website to helping people lose weight and make a lifestyle change.

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Starbucks Launches New Low-Calorie Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Expresso

March 2 is the first official day that multinational coffee chain Starbucks is serving its new dairy-free coffee drinks, and one of them, the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso has caught the eyes and palate of health buffs.

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