Oktoberfest 2014 - Day Two

Bottle Battle: 11 Ways to Prevent Hangovers

Thankfully, you can no enjoy alcohol-and all the things that come with it, without regretting it tomorrow. Follow these basic 11 tips-before, during and after the bottle battle, as advised by Dr. Jeremy Fischer of Vitality Integrative Medicine.

Wine being poured into the glass

Study Finds That Bigger Wine Glasses Makes People Drink and Spend More

A study suggested that wine drinkers that are served with bigger wine glasses will most likely consume more alcohol and spend more money as well.

Teenage Couple

Love and Alcohol: Do Teenagers Really Change Their Drinking Habits to Match Their Partners?

A recent study finds that as teenagers find love, their rate of alcohol abuse shifts to better match their partner over their old friends.

Women Drinking Wine

Drinking Too Much Alcohol can Lead to Irresponsible Attitude and Other Health Ailments

A group of researchers discovered gene mutation that can be associated with irresponsible attitude of one when drunk.

Energy Boosting Foods For Any Time of Day

Energy and Productivity Boosting Food For Any Time of Day

Lisa R. Young, a nutrition guru, adjunct professor at NYU and author of The Portion Teller Plan prescribed the right food that can help get a person through just about anything.

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