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Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks Can Cause Heart Malfunction - Research

The results of the newest study showed that caffeine wasn't the biggest issue overall.

Cans of Monster Energy Drink

Energy Drink Addiction Linked To Heart Attack

An energy drink addict was rushed to a hospital after downing two litres of high caffeine-laced beverages. Doctors told him he had "suffered a cardiac arrest because of ultra-high caffeine levels in his blood stream."

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks: Do They Boost Masculinity or Diminish Health?

Men who consume energy drinks have an erroneous belief that drinking energy drinks could boost up their manliness. Unfortunately they also don't know that this brings about an increase in a person's blood pressure and the response ability of stress hormones.

Coke Buys Minority Stake In Monster Energy Drink Company

Energy Drinks Linked To Traumatic Brain Injury Among Teens

Studies have emerged that energy drinks are being linked to brain injuries.

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Energy Drink Sales Boost Not Without Controversy: Monster Energy, Red Bull, Zero Ultra, Absolute Energy

In the past couple of years, energy drink sales have rapidly increased. Red Bull has become one of the most popular brands of energy drinks. In 2012, they sold 5.2 billion cans. This was a 12.8% increase from the previous year.

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