Food Cravings
Trying To Beat Your Food Cravings? Here’s How!

Want to Beat Food Cravings? Here’s How

Let's practice self-control while in quarantine!

Obesity And Fast Food In America

Our Brain’s Wiring Is The Culprit Behind Our Cravings For Sweet And Calorie-Dense Foods

Scientists finally established the link between our brains' nueral pathways and our preference for food high in calories.

Migrants At Greece-Macedonia Border

Lack Of Sleep Leads To Unhealthy Food Cravings Says Studies

Studies have found that sleep deprivation can increase your appetite and the cravings for fat filled snacks as the effect of lack of sleep.

Cravings for junk food in your genes

Have Constant (and Oftentimes Uncontrollable) Cravings for Food? Here's How to Stop Them

Known as a dieter's worst nightmare, food cravings are more than just your normal hunger. One minute you're just going about your day as usual - the next, you're under the control of desire.

Fat-free Salad

Top 5 Foods That are Making You Hungrier

Studies show that there are certain food groups that spike your appetite, making it harder for you to stick to your New Year's resolution of losing weight. So, ditch these unhealthy foods and say goodbye to those unwelcome cravings. Read on!

Junk Food

Sense of Smell is the Source of Food Cravings

The Barkha Patel' s research study found out that people who had had higher body mass indexes (BMIs) had more realistic mental depictions of odors and foods than people with lower BMIs. And their research considered that the best predictor of BMI out of all the measures is the olfactory imagery of a person.

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