8 amazingly-shaped Italian pasta you should not miss

Do you love pasta? Here are eight of the best-shaped Italian pasta you can try.


Discover Italy's Best and Most Favorite Cheeses

Italy has so many treasures and one of them is their world-class cheeses.

Matteo Renzi Government To Face Confidence Vote At The Italian Senate

Will Starbucks Italy be a Hit? Italians don't think so.

"Italians simply drink their coffee differently from the rest of the world. In Italy, a cup of coffee is not something to be lingered over. It's something close to a cigarette break - a ten-minute pause in the middle of the workday"

Organizations and Governments Migrate to Open-Source LibreOffice 5.0

'Open-Source LibreOffice 5.0': Organisations and Governments are Migrating to this Open-source Software

More and more organizations and governments choose open-source software like LibreOffice 5.0 for their official government documents.


Pomi Goes Organic With Tomato Line

Pomi is one of the few tomato lines, which use 100% free BPA and 100% free GMO in their products and packaging.

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Starbucks Launches New Low-Calorie Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Expresso

March 2 is the first official day that multinational coffee chain Starbucks is serving its new dairy-free coffee drinks, and one of them, the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso has caught the eyes and palate of health buffs.

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